3D Wall Panels 201 by Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite

3D Wall Panels 201 by Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite

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Renovate your home today with cladding!

If you are tired of seeing the same old designed homes, it is a time that you do something new to your home. You can use 3d wall panels to make your home, and office spaces look beautiful. The clad-ex is a very innovative and by far the best decorative cladding product that can be put up both on the exteriors and interiors of your home. These panels are used in designing both posh residential as well as commercial projects.

The tm clad-ex is made of special polymers that make the products resistant to tm warping. The product is 100% paintable, and you can choose the colours that you want. Exterior wall cladding gives a new dimension to your house, and it can be done to even old homes to improve its aesthetic appeal. The wall cladding designs and products are tested under extreme conditions, and they do not wear or tear easily. It is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions and can withstand rain, sun, and wind. Clad-ex is a premium construction product primarily used for long term facade claddings. They are also used mostly in exterior applications. It is resistant to fire, water, UV light, humidity, scratches, salt, stain, cigarette burns, and so on. It can also be used for benches, pergolas and facades apart from the cladding.

Features of cladding -

  • Exterior-grade
  • Flame retardant
  • Low maintenance
  • No stainable
  • Heat resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Smooth finishing as promised
  • Highly durable
  • Termite and pest proof
  • Moisture and waterproof
  • Dimensional precision
  • Easy installation
  • Great designs and patterns

Use these cladding to add warmth to your building. They are better sustaining than bricks or other alternative finishes. Also, they are maintenance free and better looking in comparison.

Clad-EX is one of the most innovative & decorative Cladding product suitable for Exteriors & Interiors.

These panels are used in designing upscale residential & commercial projects.

TM Clad-EX is made with special Polymers which makes the products resistant to TM warping. Clad-EX is 100% Paintable

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