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Aluminium composite panel is abbreviated as ACP. It is made of ACM, which is composed of two thinly coated sheets. It solves the restrictions and shortcomings of the original material by being composed of two different metal and non-metal constituents since aluminium is a metal and plastic is a non-metal.

Because they have several advantages, they are frequently employed in a variety of settings, including outdoor events and outdoor ones. In addition to being utilised as curtain wall panels and in the rehabilitation of historic structures, outside occasions often involve cladding, partitioning, and erecting external walls. Indoor events may include, to mention a few, ceiling decorating, dust avoidance, purification, advertising signs, and exhibition stands.

Leading facade materials and more ACP sheet companies in Kozhikode have years of expertise in manufacturing excellent products. Their goal is to provide quality while also providing the best value to external and interior construction, as well as a cladding material for modern structures. They are developed with advanced Anti-Fade and Anti-Scratch technology and are flexible to 90 degrees as part of their everlasting commitment to excellence.

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It is a fantastic choice for upgrading the external and internal cladding of a building structure while maximising its strengths and capabilities. They are not only distinctly elegant and contemporary, but they are also reasonably priced and long-lasting. For high-quality ACP, for your space, they provide a broad choice of colour, pattern, and surface options.

A flat panel made up of two aluminium sheets linked to a non-metallic core is known as an aluminium composite panel. This product's benefits include weather and stain resistance, as well as unbreakability. Customers who purchase composite panels made of aluminium may pick from a broad choice of colours and designs since aluminium can be coated.

Because these composite panels may be painted, customers can pick from a variety of colours and designs. It is made up of two layers of metal skins sandwiching a thermoplastic core in a continuous lamination procedure. To increase client interaction, providers use a customer-centric strategy. They have received training and have the necessary experience to handle any challenges or concerns that may emerge.

How Should You Choose an ACP Sheet Manufacturer in Kozhikode?

Exterior design and construction is an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. Because the procedure is nearly irreversible, choosing the right materials is essential. Consumers may not have a solid notion of selecting the proper materials since they only buy building supplies a few times in their lives. As a result, there is a considerable danger of selecting the incorrect materials.

Buyers should keep a few things in mind to prevent this danger. Choose a firm that produces aluminium composite panels in accordance with all industry standards and has ISO certification. Consider delivery rules, customer service, market reputation, infrastructure, and product line diversity when selecting a manufacturer.

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We have a network of vendors at McCoy Mart that help us link the right customer with the right service. You may check for supplier profiles, brochures, and contact information in Kozhikode and pick the best one based on your choices for location, ratings, and reviews. Visit our website for the most recent options from our network of manufacturers and dealers. By using our website or our app, which is available for Android and iOS users, you can receive a quick estimate, engage with dealers, and get many quotes in a short amount of time.

ACP Sheet Price List Per Sq Ft in Kozhikode

Types of ACP Sheets in Kozhikode Estimated Price
Brown Wooden ACP sheet Approx. Rs. 60/ Square Feet - Rs. 155/ Square Feet
Exterior ACP wall cladding Approx. Rs. 55/ Square Feet - Rs. 100/ Square Feet
Commercial Acp Sheet Approx. Rs.40/ Square Feet - Rs. 150/ Square Feet
Colored Aluminum Composite Panel Approx. Rs. 20/ Square Feet - Rs 80/ Square Feet
Wooden Texture ACP Sheet Approx. Rs. 35/ Square Feet - Rs. 130/ Square Feet
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