Angelo (Single Steel Door) by Ad Maestro Steel Doors

Angelo (Single Steel Door) by Ad Maestro Steel Doors

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Secure Your House With Our Safety Doors For Home

Our strong and safety doors for home provide complete security against burglary and theft. As it comes with all required accessories like calling bell or hinges, they can be installed quickly and conveniently. Its multi-point locking system makes it excellent for different exposed houses. Cold rolled steel is used in its composition which eliminates the chances of borer infestation. Restore your peace of mind by installing our Angelo Single Door in West Bengal.


Features :

  • Single Door : 960X2050X70mm. 1050X2050X70mm.
  • Materials : Cold-rolled steel
  • Thickness of the door leaf : 70mm
  • Accessories : Adjustable reinforced hinges, Specially multi-point lock, strong handles, decorative peephole, rubber seal and magnetic sea, installing bolts.
  • Infill: Honeycomb Material.
  • Opening Direction: inward / outward, Left / Right.
  • Opening Degree: 90 degree.

The Benefits :

  • Main Door is strong, durable & beautiful. Offers complete security against theft, burglary (Almost impossible to break open).
  • Comes with door frame and all accessories like, hinges, calling bell, etc. thus ensuring an hassle free purchase & installation.
  • Can withstand different weather conditions. Does not shrink, expand or wrap during monsoon, like the traditional wooden door.
  • Comes with a 3 way multiple locking system, with non duplicating set of keys. Main Doors are available with electronic locking system. Electronic lock is operated with Swipe Card or Numerical Code.
  • Borer infestation.
  • Very easy to fix and install.
  • Virtually maintenance free.

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