Annex Glass-Heat Strengthened Glass by Annex Glass Industries

Annex Glass-Heat Strengthened Glass by Annex Glass Industries

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Annex Heat Strengthened glasses are produced by processing different glass types through a tempering furnace, which includes uniformly heating the glass, typically at 620 ?C, and then rapidly cooling or quenching the glass by simultaneously blowing an evenly distributed cool air using high pressure air nozzles on both surfaces. Lower airflow rates produce Heat Strengthened glass. Annex Heat Strengthened glasses have increased strength to resist higher levels of impact, mechanical load and thermal stress.  



  • Size range: (300 x 300) mm - (2440 x 5000) mm
  • Thickness range: (4 - 19) mm
  • Types of glasses: Clear, Tinted, Reflective Soft Coat, Reflective Hard Coat, Low E

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