Ceramic Printed Glass by Rameshwaram

Ceramic Printed Glass by Rameshwaram

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Ceramic fritted glass also called Silk Screened glass has gained wide-spread for decoration and masking on building interior and exterior facades. Ceramic printing on glass is done with special enamels which are applied to glass before it is tempered. During the heating process in tempering or bending, this enamel fuses into the glass and becomes a monolithic construction.

This is as permanent as any printed ceramic like crockery at your home and all technical characteristics are same as that of unprinted glass. It is life long and does not deteriorate with weather, detergents, normal acids or alkalis. The methods of applying these enamels before tempering are roller coating, screen printing, spray printing & direct on glass digital printing.


Glass Type Digital Ceramic Printing
Thickness of Glass (mm) 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Applications Outdoor Cladding , Facade Cladding , Wall Cladding , Balcony Cladding , Fences , Railing Form Houses , Conapy , Rafters
Material Glass
Shape Rectangular

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