Ceramic Porcelain Cladding in India

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Concrete Wall Tiles by G. K. PRECAST

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Kolkata, West Bengal

Mosaic Tiles by Artimozz Tiles & Stones

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Flooring by Artimozz Tiles & Stones

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Wall Cladding by Artimozz Tiles & Stones

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Printed Tiles by Artimozz Tiles & Stones

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ACP Panel Board With Acrylic Letter by Al Huda Signage

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By : Al Huda Signage

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Ceramic / Porcelain Cladding by Matrix Glazing

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By : Matrix Glazing

Pune, Maharashtra

Porcelain Cladding by Blooms India Incorporation

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Ceramic and Porcelain cladding:

Ceramic and Porcelain cladding is one of the widely used cladding materials for both, internal and external wall cladding. The porcelain cladding panels are utilized for interior wall cladding, façade systems, decorative wall cladding, interiors, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and much more. The ceramic and porcelain material is eco-friendly and is recyclable. It is generally prepared by the blend of natural products and the panels are available in 3000 x 1000 dimensions. The cladding material is also available in around 100 different colors for cladding interiors as well exterior walls.

Both these tiles are prepared from clay and are dry pressed at 1200 degrees. The porcelain and ceramic tiles are strong, non porous, dense, weather protective hygienic and stylish.

Ceramic tiles are widely used for wall décor since eras and has been the first choice for strong, stylish and multi benefit cladding. The ceramic tile cladding prevents walls from atmospheric changes or damage. Porcelain tiles cladding are clad to the walls using strong adhesive, floors and walls of new buildings are formed with ceramic tiles and for decorative cladding for tunnels and high profile buildings, and these tiles are used.

Types of tiles used for ceramic porcelain cladding:

  • Glazed & Unglazed porcelain tiles
  • Polished and textured porcelain tiles
  • Full body porcelain tiles

Benefits of Ceramic porcelain cladding:

  • These tiles and cladding remain untouched temperature changes
  • The ceramic porcelain cladding is hygienic, eco-friendly and fights chemicals
  • These are the widely used cladding materials as dense and durable perfect for the exterior and interior cladding
  • Due to pure clay and minerals, the cladding is hard as well as water resistant
  • These wall tiles provide a designer and ultra stylish look to the interiors as well exteriors

Porcelain and Ceramic wall tiles price India:

Below mention are some of the porcelain tile cladding or ceramic tile cladding price details:

Cladding types


Ceramic wall tiles


Porcelain wall tiles

 Rs 300/sqft

Ceramic Plain Wall Tile

300 X 450 Mm

 Rs 28/sqft

Ceramic Wall Tiles

6 - 8 Mm

 Rs 60/sqft

Dragian Lady Ceramic

Wall Tiles

 Rs 700/sqftt

Ceramic Wall Tiles 10 mm

 Rs 18/sqft