Cork Tiles by Hindustan Cork

Cork Tiles by Hindustan Cork

Hindustan Cork
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Cork floor tile is made from natural cork granules. These are basically, the high-grade resilient floor tiles. These products accords with international standard ISO 3813. These tiles are popular amongst the current generations these days as cork has the special cell structure of porous thin wall cell that is non slippery and anti- vibrating. This is of great advantage for the user’s health and comfort.

The product has also many other properties, such as insulating heat and sound, insulation, no static electricity, resistance to liquids (water, oil, dilute acid, soap liquid etc.) not mildewing, isolating moisture, non-poisonous, easy paving and cleaning, good decorative effect etc. This floor tile is suitable to home, high grade guesthouse, meeting room, library, broadcasting studio, kinder garden, computer room, hospital, bath room, test room etc. This product is specially suitable for the places that requires quiet, non-slippery, water and moisture resistant surroundings.  

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  • Easily and rapidly installed.
  • Environmentally friendly - made out of natural products, they favour energy saving (insulating capacity, heat retention).
  • Healthy - surface finishes do not retain dirt, therefore they do not favour the proliferation of germs and fungi.
  • Sound resistant - they reduce the transmission of sound between and inside compartments.
  • They provide natural thermal insulation, as well as a high capacity to retain thermal energy.
  • Comfortable - the cork incorporated into them deadens impact and relieves tension.
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Re-usable or recyclable.


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