Entrance Doors

Wooden Doors by Sandroos

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By : Sandroos

Tehran, Tehran

Steel Entrance Doors by Viraj Industries

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By : Viraj Industries

24 Parganas (n), West Bengal

Entrance Doors by Future Fabtech

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By : Future Fabtech

Kochi, Kerala

Entrance Doors by RightMark Doors

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By : RightMark Doors

Hyderabad, Telangana

Sainik Entrance Doors by Century Ply Laminates

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By : Century Ply Laminates

Kolkata, West Bengal


Entrance Doors by 7Star

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By : 7Star

Nagpur, Maharashtra


Entrance Doors by Rama wood craft pvt ltd

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By : Rama wood craft pvt ltd

Faridabad, Haryana

Entrance Doors by NHN TYRO INDIA

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Mumbai, Maharashtra

Entrance Doors by AGS Enterprises

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By : AGS Enterprises

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Entrance Doors by Plywaala

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By : Plywaala

Mohali, Punjab

Entrance Doors by Sandroos

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By : Sandroos

Tehran, Tehran

What are entrance doors?

Entrance doors are the doors fitted in the area providing entrance to a specific room or region. Entrance rooms are the main entrance doors for houses, commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants and much more. The catalogue for entrance doors is quite deep and filled with uncountable patterns. There are 2 main types of entrance doors which are single entrance doors and double entrance doors. Generally, for flats, small houses and buildings, single wooden entrance doors are used. While for bungalows, lavish homes, huge commercial buildings where the entrance has to be styles in a royal way, the double entrance doors are used.

The entrance doors have been revolutionizing since eras. Previously, we had huge wooden entrance doors. These doors then evolved into entrance doors with grills, doors with glass, designer entrance doors, double leaf doors, hinged doors, antique and engraved entrance doors etc.

Entrance door prices

Here is the price range for different entrance doors



Wooden entrance doors

400/sqft – 15,000/sqft

Double entrance doors

500/sqft – 15,000/sqft

Glass entrance doors

550/sqft – 11,500/sqft

Aluminum entrance doors

200/sqft – 1000/sqft

Steel entrance doors

200/sqft – 1500/sqft

PVC entrance doors

200/sqft – 700/sqft

Entrance door design

Here, we discuss the most trending and awe inspiring entrance door designs trending in India. One of the most famous designs for entrance door is the aluminium door design. For an appealing industrial look, people get glass panelled and aluminium framed entrance doors. These doors provide a very rich and ravishing look to the entrances.  Entrance doors with glass is another rocking trend in which, wooden framing is used. These doors are hinged and polished for offering an elegant entrance. The industrial entry is one of the trending styles of entryway where huge wooden doors are used with glass panels.  Even the wooden French doors are used for decorative purposes.

Buy entrance doors

The entrance is the captivating area which is visible as soon as someone steps in the house. Thus, choosing the entrance door is a complicated task. From ample of designs and options, you can buy the entrance doors matching the essence of your home décor and interior. You can choose wooden entrance doors with natural tones, mahogany and teakwood doors for an industrial feel, huge doors with timber planks and glass, artistic and textural glass doors, huge doors with glass panels, huge exotic doors, engraved doors and much more.

These are the most futuristic and ravishing entrance door designs which you can consider for brightening up your home entrance. There are some specialised and uniquely designed doors for garden entrance, terrace entrance and office entrances you can consider. For garden and terrace entrance, you can choose glass entrance doors for panoramic views and a refreshing effect. There are uncountable entrance door patterns, shades, constructions which will blow your mind! Manufacturers of entrance doors in India offer such inspiring and budget friendly doors for different entrances.

Types of entrance doors

  • Wooden entrance doors
  • Double entrance doors
  • Glass entrance doors
  • Aluminium entrance doors
  • PVC entrance doors
  • Steel entry door
  • Sliding entrance doors