Flush Doors by Alpro Panels

Flush Doors by Alpro Panels

Alpro Panels
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The name Flush Door Shutters originates from the word Flush, which means forming a continuous surface. As the name suggests, Flush door shutters ‘flushes’ or ‘blends’ with the wall & adds a look of continuity to the wall.

Sturdy & stable, Alpro® Flush Doors are made from seasoned Hardwood for stiles, Rails & Core apart from good quality seasoned veneers in both teak & Commercial veriety. Alpro® Flush doors are the most economical choice for builders because of their durability, dimensional accuracy, as well as freedom from warps & de-lamination when subjected to atmostpheric changes.


  1. Manufacture in strict adherence to IS:2202:1991
  2. Bonded with UPF Synthetic Resin adhesive to make it Boiling Water Proof.
  3. Hot Pressed, Treated with chemical Preservatives like Copper, Chromium & Arsenic for better resistance to termite attack.
  4. Hardwood Frame-cum Internal Lipping.
  5. Blockboard Construction, Dimensionally stable & study.


Ideal for external a well as internal door shutter for all types of building, residence, office, nursing home, auditoriums, classrooms, hotels, schools, colleges, barracks, hospitals etc.

STANDARD THIKNESS: Plywood 25,30,32, 35, 38, 40,45,50 mm


Single Leaf- 2400X1220 mm (Max.), 1980X450mm(Min.)
Double Leaf- 2400X2400 mm (Max.), 1980X600mm(min.)

Technical Data

flush-door IS 2202 (Boiling Water Proof, BWP)
moisture Contect(%) 10-122
Flatmness of Shutter(twist, cupping & warping) Less than 1mm
Local Plane ness ( surface smoothness) Less than 0.5 mm
imapct indentation Less 0.2mm by a weight of 0.5kg
Flexure resistance (residual deflection) Less than 1/30th of the length & 1/15th of width
Edge Loading  
a) Residual deflrction Less than 0.5 mm
b) Lateral bucking Less than 2 mm
shock resistance No visible damage/no significant deformation after test as per IS4020(
Bucking resistance  
a) Initial Deflection Less than 50mm
b) Residual deflection Less than 5mm
Slamming of the shutter No visible damage after 50 impacts of 15 kg
Misuse of shutter No permanent deformation after the test IS4020 part 10
Varying Humidity Test (Adverse weather condition ) No visible warping, twisting or delamination
End Immersion No delamination after immersion after 8 cycles of 24 hrs
Adhesion od piles Excellent
Glue adhesion No delamination
Screw holding Strength (kg) More than 1000N
Preservative Treatment There tier Treatment: 1. Ribs and veneers are treated with preservatives 
2. GLP is done  
3. Finished Panels are treated with preservatives
Specific gravity 0.6
Water Absorption Less than 5 %
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Door Open Style Casement Door
Door Application Balcony , Internal , Exterior , Garden , Room Partition , Main Door

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