Insulated Glass by Annex Glass

Insulated Glass by Annex Glass

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Insulated glazing/glass is a piece of glazing/glass consisting of
two or more layers of glazing/glass separated by an aluminum spacer along the edge and sealed to create an air space between the layers. It is mounted in a sash or frame like a thick piece of glass. By combining Low E coatings, Tinted Glasses, Reflective Coatings, Silk-screened Patterns, Laminated Glass Products and more, a wide variety of Insulating Glass Configuration available to satisfy a wide range of performance and aesthetic requirements.  



  • Size range: (320 x 160) mm - (2500 x 5000) mm
  • Thickness range: (4 - 19) mm
  • Spacer frames thickness: (6 - 32) mm
  • Max Thickness of Double glazed unit: 65 mm
  • Types of Glazing: Double Glazing, Triple Glazing, and Step Glazing.

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