Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers in Bangalore

Kitchen Cabinets Bangalore:

Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city and the people who live here reflect that attitude. Known for its dining, drinking and coffee outlets, the city is quirky and individualistic, qualities that can be seen in the way Bangaloreans have the interior of their homes designed. A big part of this design is the kitchen. Modular kitchens are catching on quite fast and, of course, a major part of what makes a modular kitchen work is the kitchen cabinetry. The cabinetry determines not only the appearance of the kitchen but also its functionality and the people of Bangalore are quite conscious of that fact.

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers in Bangalore:

Bangalore has many kitchen design firms and manufacturers who pay close attention to what kind of cabinetry works for their client. Some of them are:

  • Sunrise Sales Corporation – Established in 1978, Sunrise Sales Corporation offers a wide variety of interior décor services that also include modular kitchen manufacturing and modular kitchen furniture manufacturing. The company believes in customer service and ensures that it provides a complete range of interior solutions to its customers.
  • Futura Home Interior – Started in 2010, Futura Home Interior specializes in modular kitchen and modular kitchen furniture manufacturing and designing. The company manufactures and deals in all types of kitchen cabinetry and modular kitchens so its customers have a wide range of choices.
  • Creative Zone – Creative Zone was established in 2009 and is well-known for dealing in Solid Surfaces as well as modular kitchen cabinetry. It manufactures and deals in the latter providing its customers with a range of solid surface and cabinetry options for a stylish kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets Price in Bangalore:

Types of kitchen Cabinats  Price
Modular Kitchen Cabinet Rs 950/ Square Feet
PVC Kitchen Cabinet Rs 350/ Square Feet
White Modular Kitchen Cabinet Rs 950/ Square Feet
Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Rs 900/ Square Feet
L Shaped Modular Kitchen Cabinets Rs 1,150/ Square Feet
Designer Kitchen Cabinet Rs 1,200/ Square Feet

Prices of kitchen cabinets depend upon the space and the material used as well as the finish. Prices are generally quoted based on the square footage or per piece and range from Rs. 500 per square foot to Rs. 1750 per square foot or Rs. 20000 per piece to Rs. 3.5 lakhs per piece.