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Kitchen Cabinets do look appealing to our eyes after the perfect installation, but the quality of the material used is still questionable. The inner structure and its durability depend upon the material used. Two elements are commonly used for the construction of kitchen cabinets, Plywood and particle board. If you have decided and selected your Kitchen cabinet, you need to recheck it for the material used in the construction.

The cabinets made out of Plywood are more durable, sturdier, and hold the laminates better than the particle board type cabinets. Kitchen cabinets in Delhi are very high in price but use the best quality plywood for the construction. Plywood Kitchen cabinets are way better than the particle board cabinets. If not for the cost and availability, plywood cabinets would be the best choice for you. Particle board cabinets are readily available and are budget friendly.

Construction of a Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets consist of two units, fronts, and boxes. The box is the part of a kitchen cabinet which does not include any doors, fixtures, drawers or other components. Fronts are different from boxes and are the central part of a kitchen cabinet. They consist of drawers and doors that are laminated to make them look amazing.

Most of the people are concerned for the front of a cabinet only. The front style cabinets are Slab and Shaker. The wood used for the construction is of oak or cherry. This wooden front is based upon a plywood base. The other parts of a kitchen cabinet include designed side panels that are matched with the fronts.

Boxes are also equally essential to a kitchen cabinet system. They are made flexible enough to be interchanged. Kitchen cabinets manufacturers in Delhi provide a box cabinet of the maximum36-inch base. Now, this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. You can also install doors and drawers to your box type cabinet.

How is Particleboard different from Plywood?

Kitchen cabinets are made of various structures, and the job of a cabinet demands durability and strength. Plywood and particle board play their roles, respectively to justify this aspect. Particle board is also known as MDF board. This board type is claimed to be stable and robust until it is dry and is kept away from any unwanted load. The veneered material used plays a significant role in making this board type sustainable. Thermo foil or wood are mostly used as veneers to particle boards. MDF boards made of composite woods.

Plywood used for Kitchen cabinets are not the usual ones used for construction and sheathing. Plywood used for Kitchen cabinets has better lamination work, smooth finish, and more plies. This Plywood is also categorized as Cabinet grade plywood. There is almost no damage experienced during the construction process. The ¾ inch thickness of Plywood makes it more durable and strong.

Moreover, one side of the Plywood needs to be veneered with an inexpensive thermal foil or wood. One of the cheap wood types is birch and is mostly used for the process. The kitchen cabinets made up of Plywood are lighter in weight than the particle-board cabinets. Plywood cabinets require less installation effort. Therefore, Plywood proves itself as the best among the two types. The cost of kitchen cabinets made of Plywood might be little high than particle-boards, and the availability of Plywood is less.

Availability and cost of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets that are made using particle board cost less than plywood cabinets. It is so because particle board is found to be less durable and the material starts to warp when it comes in contact with water. Particle boards are cheaper and easier to manufacture; therefore, the vendors find it profitable to produce and sell particle board cabinets. The kitchen cabinets made of particle board is around 1/3 times cheaper than plywood cabinets.

Particle board cabinets are readily available in hand in the bigger stores, but it will be challenging to find a plywood cabinet in hand. If you want to reface your old cabinets, then Plywood will be the best option for it. Some companies use only Plywood for the construction of kitchen cabinets.

They have online sites to select and buy kitchen cabinets online. The cabinets made up of Plywood have thicker shelves than its sides. If you have decided to purchase online, then go through the manufacturer’s specification once. Now, this is to confirm that the manufacturer uses only Plywood for the products.

Globally many manufacturers deal in selling kitchen cabinets online. Some of the companies deal in Plywood and particle-board both. They provide new purchase as well as upgrade purchase. The upgradation service will be provided by the manufacturer’s company itself with a minimal additional charge. If you have made up your mind to renovate your kitchen, then you should decide your budget and choose the best material type among the two.

Kitchen Cabinets Delhi Price List

Types of Kitchen Cabinets Price
Modular Kitchen Cabinets Rs 1,450/ Square Feet
Wooden Modular Kitchen Cabinets Rs 1,230/ Square Feet
Modern WPC Kitchen Cabinet Rs 1,020/ Square Feet
L Shape Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Rs 1,250/ Square Feet
Classic Modular Kitchen Cabinets Rs 880/ Square Feet
Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Rs 3,200/ Square Feet
White Modular Kitchen Cabinets Rs 970/ Square Feet