Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers in Mumbai

The answer to this question depends upon the factors of construction of the house. When you renovate your kitchen, you don’t mess up with the walls but also with the floors. Renovating your kitchen needs to rip out your kitchen cabinets, walls, and flooring as well. After the extraction is done, after the damages on the walls and floor is repaired, the main work begins. Installing a kitchen cabinet means installing a new floor, new wall paint, and some other minor changes.

You need to hold your heart while you see your kitchen break apart just a while before becoming awesome. Kitchen cabinets in Mumbai are easy to install by encouraging the people to do the floor first. Some ways make it appropriate for either of the installation methods. At the time of installation, the main concern is should we install the floors first or the cabinets? Which one will be suitable enough? Follow this article to know about what should you install first and why.

What goes first?

As stated above, it depends upon the construction of the house. Standard houses are available with flooring heights. The height will allow you to install the kitchen cabinets before the floors. The floors here mean the original floors, the surface you see and walk on. Sometimes people misunderstand it as the underlayment.

The covering of the floor will be kept almost packed and stuffed to the cabinets to make it look like the custom kitchen cabinets are emerged from the floors. Though the gap between the cabinet and the floor is less, it is essential. This gap will be filled by baseboard at the bottom of the cabinets.

Cases where flooring can go first

If the housing structure is different and has a flooring height more than usual, more than 2 inches, and then you can go for flooring first. The flooring is recommended to go first here before the kitchen cabinets and the appliances. It is so because you cannot ignore the excessive height of the flooring.

If you install the cabinets first, then the base of the cabinet and the floor might collide. The structure will be desynchronized. Now, this is possible to correct by raising the cabinet base by giving ply sheets below. Instead of altering a new kitchen cabinet, it is better to do the flooring first.

Benefits of installing kitchen cabinets first

  • Different flooring design- Not all the house owners are wealthy and can afford giving up a lot amount to furnish the floors along with the cabinets fully. Hardwood floorings are costly, and it is recommended not to furnish the floor below the kitchen cabinet with the same flooring material.

Spending a huge amount on the part of kitchen flooring which no one can ever see is a waste. It is advised to use a cheaper flooring type for the floor beneath the kitchen cabinet. Hardwoods are exotic materials that should get you compliments from your guests if a portion of it close beneath the cabinets, your money is wasted. It is not commonly adopted by the people, but it needs to be done and is possible.

The only disadvantage of using different floors in a kitchen is that it will be difficult for you to alter your flooring in the future. It is one of the techniques that will save some amount from your pocket. Renovating a kitchen will cost you for the floors, walls, and cabinet’s altogether. If you can save some amount by using this technique, then it will be beneficial for you.

  • Reducing excess flooring height- Sometimes, people need minor upgrades to their cabinets and entire flooring upgradation. Minimizing the height of the flooring will let you install the small kitchen cabinets without much trouble. The cabinet-height issue can be rectified by using engineered wood for flooring instead of hardwood. Another way the flooring height can be reduced is by using no underlayment. It will help in lowering ½ or a ¼ inch from your flooring height.

Is it dangerous to install floors before walls and kitchen cabinets?

The floors can be installed before the kitchen cabinets if the conditions mentioned above are fulfilled. The flooring height should be less, allowing the cabinets to function correctly. If the height is more, the kitchen cabinets will fail to work, if installed first.

When the walls are considered, it is recommended to complete the wall and its paint job first. No house owner will resist a paint mark on their newly made floors. However, to avoid this, a wall job should finish first, and then the decision can be made between cabinets or floors. Wall paint should be done before the cabinets as well. The reason stays the same as for the floors.

Kitchen cabinets manufacturers in Mumbai suggest that the flooring needs to be done first. Though there are options and solutions for installing cabinets first but still doing the floor first will save time and effort. Alterations to the floor for installing kitchen cabinets first will take more time and effort.

Kitchen Cabinets Mumbai Price List

Types of Kitchen Cabinets Price
Corduroy Kitchen Cabinets Rs 49,000/ Unit
Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet Rs 1,250/ Square Feet
Modern Modular Kitchen Cabinet Rs 660/ Square Feet
Star Furniture PVC Modular Kitchen Cabinet Rs 630/ Square Feet
Modern Stylish Modular Kitchen Cabinet Rs 1,550/ Square Feet
Modular Kitchen Cabinet Rs 1,050/ Square Feet
L Shaped Kitchen Cabinet Rs 1,100/ Square Feet