Acrylic Modular Kitchen Price & Design

Acrylic Modular Kitchen by Bakshi furniture

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Acrylic Modular Kitchen by Shyamala Interior

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Price 2050/Unit
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By : Shyamala Interior

Bangalore, Karnataka

Acrylic Modular Kitchen by Vijay Furnitech LLP

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Price 1.25 Lakh/Pieces
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By : Vijay Furnitech LLP

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Acrylic Hi- Gloss Modular Kitchen by Urban Interio

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Price 1400/Sq. Foot
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By : Urban Interio

Gurgaon, Haryana

Price 1500/Sq. Foot
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By : AP Interior

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Acrylic Modular Kitchen by PMR Ceramics

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Price 2.3 lakh/Unit
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By : PMR Ceramics

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Acrylic Modular Kitchen by Morph Interio Inc

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By : Morph Interio Inc

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Acrylic Modular Kitchen by EDIFICIO

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Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Acrylic Modular Kitchen by GPS Decor & Design

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By : GPS Decor & Design

Gurgaon, Haryana

Acrylic Modular Kitchen by Chennai Interior

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Price 1300/Sq. Foot
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By : Chennai Interior

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Acrylic Modular Kitchen by Vertex Business House( Unit VBH Ventures)

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Price 1200/Sq. Foot
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Chandigarh, Chandigarh

Price 1300/Sq. Foot
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By : Chennai Interior

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Acrylic Modular Kitchen by Regalo Kitchens

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By : Regalo Kitchens

Delhi, Delhi

Along with laminate, acrylic is a very widely used for kitchen cabinetry. It resembles lacquer and has a finish that is high gloss making cabinets in the kitchen appear quite smooth, similar to mirrors. Acrylic finish is available in a wide variety of colours.

Acrylic finish, thanks to the gloss, brings great aesthetic appeal to a kitchen. An acrylic finish modular kitchen looks good to the eye and also makes the kitchen space seem larger. Acrylic finish is non-toxic and available in many different colours which look bright and colourful for years together. The finish is scratch resistant. It also doesn’t fade or de-laminate over time. However, fingerprints, smudges and dirt are easily visible which means that acrylic cabinets need to be cleaned regularly.

Types of Acrylic Kitchen Doors

There are two types of acrylic kitchen cabinet doors available in the market – acrylic faced doors and solid acrylic doors. Acrylic finish doors have acrylic finish applied to them – a process that can be quite complicated. The doors have sheets of acrylic finish pasted on MDF boards. A protective layer is pasted over those sheets and its edges are sealed. Solid acrylic doors are made completely of acrylic and their appearance is richer while the colours look much more even. For this reason, acrylic doors are more expensive to install than acrylic finish doors.

Advantages of Acrylic Finish

Acrylic finish is very durable and can last for decades. Because it is available in many different colours, it can be customized to suit the décor of the home. Not only is this finish scratch resistant, it can also resist the effects of ultraviolet light and even moisture. It is also very easy to clean, requiring only soap and water. Aesthetically speaking, this finish can also provide beautiful contrasts in texture when used with different backsplash materials.

Drawbacks of Acrylic Finish

The finish does have certain drawbacks. Acrylic finish is looked upon as a premium type of finish and, therefore, can be much more expensive to utilize than laminate or any other finish. Also, since the finish is glossy, smudges, fingerprints and dirt can show up easily, necessitating regular cleaning. In addition, when kitchen cabinet doors with acrylic finish are replaced, the hues of the new doors may not match the hues of the older doors causing shading differences.

Acrylic modular kitchens can be sold as one set which means the entire kitchen or on the basis of square footage. Per set, the price of these kitchens can range from Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 4.25 lakhs. The square footage prices can range from Rs. 700 to Rs.2000 per square foot.

Acrylic Modular Kitchen Price List

Acrylic Modular Kitchens Price
Anti Scratch Acrylic Modular Kitchen  Rs 3.25 Lakh / Square Feet 
Acrylic Finished Modular Kitchens Rs 1,600 / Square Feet
High Gloss Acrylic Kitchen Rs 1,800 / Square Feet
Acrylic Modular Kitchen Designing Service  Rs 1,200 / Square Feet
Cubical Acrylic Modular Kitchen Rs 2,000 / Square Feet
Acrylic Modular Kitchen Rs 900 / Square Feet
Acrylic Gloss Kitchen Rs 1,800 / Square Feet