Aluminium Modular Kitchen

Aluminium Modular Kitchen by Eight Streaks Interiors

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By : Eight Streaks Interiors

Hyderabad, Telangana


Aluminium Modular Kitchen by Eurostar Kitchen

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Price 2.5 lakh/Unit
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Mumbai, Maharashtra

Aluminium Modular Kitchen by I Lok Association

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Price 1250/Sq. Foot
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Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Aluminium Modular Kitchen by Morok Designs

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Aluminium Modular Kitchen by LUXUS KITCHENS

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Aluminium Modular Kitchen by Jagsco Interiors

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Aluminium Modular Kitchen by D Shell Designs

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Aluminium Modular Kitchen by Adeetya's Kitchen

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By : Adeetya's Kitchen

Pune, Maharashtra

An aluminium modular kitchen, as the name suggests, uses aluminium and glass as the main materials. It is perfect for anyone who is going for a contemporary look that lasts long and pleases the eye. Glass gives the kitchen a classy look, can be used innovatively and is easy to clean and maintain. It also has multiple uses; coloured glass adds a certain aesthetic when used as wall panels and is also great for wardrobe doors, kitchen cabinets and wall cladding.

Aluminium adds its own advantages to an aluminium modular kitchen. It enhances the ambience of the kitchen, thus adding to the aesthetic, and is can be cleaned and maintained quite easily. The overall look of the kitchen is shiny and sleek. It is also a hygienic material, something that is an important consideration in a kitchen. The material is durable and resistant to scratches and moisture, both of which are to be expected in a kitchen on a regular basis. Unlike wood, aluminium fixtures and cabinets don’t need to be painted or varnished or even oiled – just a simple cleaning and they look brand new. The fact that aluminium is heat resistant also makes it a great material to build a modular kitchen out of.  A major concern in any kitchen is pests; aluminium becomes the perfect material for the kitchen because of the fact that it is pest resistant.

The price of an aluminium modular kitchen depends upon the size of the kitchen and any modifications that you may require. Prices can be quoted per square feet or per set or piece (entire kitchen), something that depends upon which company you’re considering. Prices can range from Rs. 500 per square feet to Rs. 3000 per square feet or from Rs. 80000 per piece to Rs. 3 lakh per piece.

Aluminium Modular Kitchen Price List

Aluminium Modular Kitchen Price
Parallel Aluminum Modular Kitchen  Rs 950 / Square Feet 
Green Aluminium Modular Kitchen Rs 900 / Square Feet
Polished Aluminium Modular Kitchen Rs 950 / Square Feet
Aluminum Mod Kitchen -Teak Wood Finish  Rs 1,950 / Square Feet 
Wooden Finish Aluminium Modular Kitchen Rs 900/ Feet
Designer Aluminium Modular Kitchen Rs 1,250 / Square Feet
Home Aluminium Modular Kitchen Rs 1,250 / Square Feet