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German modular kitchens reflect the kind of precision the Germans are known for in their kitchen appliances and cars. The kitchen styles are the latest and most cutting edge. At the same time, the designs are innovative, efficient and simple. A German modular kitchen relies heavily upon organisation; the idea is that everything should be in its place while being within reach at the same time.

German Kitchen Designs

The basic principle behind the design of a German kitchen is precision. As such, it isn’t surprising that the style most used for such a kitchen is minimalistic, with the emphasis on a smooth finish and a simple beauty. This means that no matter what the kitchen style, contemporary or traditional, German kitchen designs add an unmistakable aura of luxury to the kitchen.

Subtle contemporary accents are often added on to a German kitchen design. Some of these are features such as modern door handles or no handles at all, distressed wood finish, or even cupboard fronts with frosted glass and subdued yet stylish lighting. The lines in a German kitchen are usually long and smooth but the traditional kitchen doesn’t suffer from this; symmetry is still present.

Despite this modernist style, or perhaps because of it, one of the strongest features of a German kitchen is the storage. Storage space is very important in this style and modern German kitchens ensure that there is plenty of space. They even make provisions for places to store the heavy containers and utensils in such a way that they are easy to access and easy to store.

Nowhere can this be seen more prominently than in the kitchen cabinets. German kitchen cabinets are designed in such a way that there is plenty of shelving. In addition, the storage spaces inside the cabinets are flexible allowing for easy and convenient storage of any and everything needed in the kitchen – from crockery to cutlery to small appliances to spices to kitchen linen.

Since the style of the German kitchen is, at its heart, utilitarian and minimalist, these kitchens have a unique and interesting feature – cabinetry without handles. Instead, the cabinets have aluminium panels that can be used to pull the doors open from behind. Thanks to this feature, the clean and smooth lines of the kitchen continue uninterrupted.

Overall, the style of a German kitchen is contemporary and chic. The look is stunning while making the kitchen as spacious as possible.

German Modular Kitchen Price List

Types of German Modular Kitchen Price
German Modular Kitchen(Param Associates)  Rs 1,750 / Square feet
German Modular Kitchen (LSN Interior) Rs 80,000/ Unit
German Modular Kitchen (Ideaz Interiors) Rs 5,000 / Square Feet 
German Modular Kitchen (Nazia Furniture Showroom)  Rs 800 / Square Feet
German Modular Kitchen (Maggie Kitchens & Interiors)  Rs 15 Lakh/ Unit
German Modular Kitchen (Spyce Kitchens) Rs 3.15 Lakh / Unit