Modular Kitchen Chimney Price & Designs

An appliance that sucks up fumes and smoke in a kitchen, the modular kitchen chimney is a very necessary part of any modular kitchen. While doing so, it also adds to the décor of the kitchen, at the same time keeping it free of the smells of frying spices, oils and smoke.

Modular Kitchen Chimney Designs

Modular Kitchen Chimneys are available in four different types – Island chimney, wall mounted chimney, built-in chimney and corner chimney.

An island chimney can generally be found above the kitchen island. This is generally when the hob is placed on the island. The chimney is suspended from the ceiling directly above the hob.

The wall-mounted chimney is usually located on one side of the kitchen. When the hob is adjacent to a wall, the chimney is attached to the wall, right above the hob.

A built-in chimney is generally found inside the kitchen woodwork that is built against a wall. In this case, the hob is on one side of the kitchen instead of the middle.

The corner chimney is placed in the corner of the kitchen when the hob is also located there.

Kitchen chimney designs are divided upon the basis of appearance into two categories – convectional and contemporary.

A convectional chimney is about function over form. Made from stainless steel, these chimneys are relatively inexpensive and are available with and without ducts.

A contemporary chimney is mostly favoured by interior designers to add to the décor of the kitchen and adds a certain cachet to its surroundings. The chimneys are made of stainless steel with crystals in different colours such as white or red and glass.

Modular Kitchen Chimney Price List

Types of Modular Kitchen Chimeny  Price
Hindware Modular Kitchen Chimney Rs 15,500/ Piece
Seavy Modular Kitchen Chimney Rs 12,500/ Piece
Modular Kitchen Chimney Rs 8,500/ Piece
SS Modular Kitchen Chimney Rs 16,500/ piece
Crown Modular Kitchen Chimney Rs 12,900/ Piece
Wall Mounted Modular Kitchen Chimney Rs 5,000/ Piece

Depending upon the style, design and complexity, modular kitchen chimneys can range between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 25000.

How To Clean Modular Kitchen Chimney

Cleaning out a chimney actually means cleaning out the filter of the chimney. To clean the filter you need a bucket or tub in which the filter can be immersed. You also need paint thinner, baking soda, caustic soda and dishwashing liquid. Fill the bucket or tub with hot water and add the dishwashing soap. Sprinkle the baking soda or the caustic soda on the filter and then immerse it in the water. Allow the filter to soak in the water for half-an-hour to an hour depending upon how much smoke and grease residue there is. Then use a brush to scrub the filter to remove any stubborn residue. Repeat the process if necessary and then rinse the filter with clean water. Leave the filter out in the sun for one or two hours so it can dry.