PVC Kitchen Cabinets, Cupboard Price & Design

PVC Kitchen Cabinets by Ronak Enterprise

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Price 300/Sq. Foot
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By : Ronak Enterprise

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

PVC Kitchen Cabinet by S.K. Modular

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Price 450/Sq. Foot
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Vadodara, Gujarat

PVC Modular Kitchen Furniture by Karthik Enterprises

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Price 350/Sq. Foot
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Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Price 600/Sq. Foot
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PVC Kitchen Cabinet by Straton Group

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Price 161/Sq. Foot
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PVC Kitchen Cabinets by Dutch Decor Hub

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PVC Kitchen Cabinets:

In recent years, the modular kitchens have seen a rapid growth in designing, be it with wood or with Poly Vinyl Chloride materials. There is the ongoing debate regarding the best material used in kitchen cupboards, be it PVC Cabinets or the wooden ones. However with top quality, the cupboards made of PVC are ruling the kitchens with fine finishing and great sturdiness while looks is always a plus point. The PVC coated cabinets came into limelight during 1990 and have been evolving with new styles rapidly.

PVC Cupboard Designs To Consider:

The PVC kitchen cabinets design is very important factor to be considered as besides fridge, here you will store the fruits, vegetables and food packages, the utensils, cutlery and crockery, various food ingredients and what not! The design of the kitchen cabinets can range from slab styled and raised panel styled for PVC Drawer Front designs. In case of Top Door Designs, there are oval top, oval top glass, square top, square top glass, crown top and crown top glass etc.

There are wide array of choices available from where you can choose the PVC kitchen cupboard according to your space in the kitchen, the items you will store there and the color that will suit with the kitchen interior.

Advantages Of PVC Cabinets:

Apart from the looks and color choices to complement your kitchen, the PVC Cupboards are popular for their wide range of advantages. They are –

  • These cabinets are easy to install and are cost-effective. The expert team from the manufacturer is there for the proper installation process.
  • The economic viability of the cabinets is ensured by their durability which is often considered to be of more than a hundred years.
  • The PVC Sheet for kitchen cabinet is termite proof and here lies its advantage over the wooden cabinets. Moreover, these Poly-Vinyl Cabinets are fire proof unlike the wooden ones, so using them in kitchen, where you are in the exposure of fire is hazardless.
  • These cupboards are of light weight and therefore, handling them is easy.
  • Cleaning up is easier than wooden cabinets as you can just wipe any stain with a damp cloth.
  •  They also have the anti-corrosive characteristics against moisture air and chemicals
  • There is a plethora of customizing options according to PVC Cupboards price per square feet.

Disadvantages Of PVC Kitchen Cupboards:

With the durability, light weight and anti-corrosive properties, these cupboards also come with a few cons, which you should keep in mind while opting for them. They are –

  • Being too light weight, these cupboards are not suitable for rough use
  • Unlike metal or wooden cupboards, PVC Cupboard is not weather resistant and hence, cannot withstand adverse weather conditions.

PVC Coated Cabinets And Wooden Cabinets:

The painted wooden cabinets often tend to lose their luster in course of time and the cracks formed at their seams are quite inevitable. The PVC coated cabinets on the other hand, come without any seams and hence, you can be assured of perfect finish with no crack to occur. The PVC cupboard price is affordable than the pricey wooden cabinets and they come with elegance too.

Affordability And Maintenance:

 In order to make best use of PVC Cupboard cost, you should keep them away from toaster ovens, oil fryers, cooking oven, crock pots and also large coffee pots which emanate steam. The coating is not heat resistant and hence, you might find the MDF Boards of the doors getting delaminated from the PVC coating.

The PVC Kitchen cabinets price in India is pocket-friendly and the durable materials used for cabinets ensure that they last years and your maintenance cost is reduced.

PVC Kitchen Cabinets Price List

Types of PvC Kitchen Cabinets Price
Modern PVC Kitchen Cabinets Rs 350/ Square Feet
High Gloss PVC Kitchen Cabinet Rs 225/ Square Feet
Fancy PVC Kitchen Cabinet Rs 160/ Square Feet
Contemporary PVC Kitchen Cabinet Rs 180/ Square Feet
Sintex PVC Kitchen Cabinet Rs 280/ Square Feet
Residential PVC Kitchen Cabinet Rs 650/ Square Feet