Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Price in India

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

The contemporary and sleek finish of the Stainless Steel kitchen cabinets has paved the way to complement your kitchen, the most important part of your kitchen with an industrial feel. As a matter of fact, the high end kitchen appliances, smooth hardy concrete countertop and the glossy tile finish of the floor will need something to match the style. The stainless steel makes up to the style quotient as the wooden cabinets are too main-stream.

Nothing beats the sharp-edge metallic finish of the stainless steel cabinets for your culinary nest having a vintage character with a modern touch.

What to look for while choosing metal kitchen cabinets?

While combining the steel kitchen cabinets with the features of your kitchen, make sure to look for a few things –

  • Kitchens being in continuous exposure of heat and humidity, the cabinets can fall victim to rust. Hence, make sure that the cabinets are rust-proof or galvanized.
  • The kitchen drawers of stainless steel should be firmly fit as you shut off the drawers. No matter whether they open with a little press or with the handle, they should be shut in a way that they do not open by themselves. 
  • The doors should open and close effortlessly so that you don’t have to pull or push harder when in hurry.
  • The stainless steel kitchen shelves should be cut precisely with laser and welded professionally by giving them a square or rectangular shape. There will be no gap between hemmed corners–no sharp edge, no protruding hardware.

Customize Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

The steel cabinets can easily be combined with wooden or vinyl materials for creating contrast. You can add distressed painted woods, stained wood or unpolished wood to enhance beauty. If you wish to avoid fingerprints on your stainless steel cupboard, go for textured or brushed material.

If you feel that the steel cupboards are looking monochrome, add some bold colors like red, blue, yellow and green on the other elements to add some peppiness and liveliness. While looking for the steel kitchen cabinet prices, you can check those with glass panes on the doors. With glass doors, you will get a balanced look of the steel cabinets and also have track of your storage. To add some drama, you can go for patterned or opaque glass panes.

Comparison Between Wood Cabinets and Steel Kitchen Cabinets in India

Wooden cabinets look beautiful with polishing or painting just as those made of stainless steel. However, if you judge the stainless steel kitchen cabinets price in India along with their maintenance cost, you will find that with their durability, they are far more cost-effective than wooden cabinets.

The cabinetry installation is easier as they are pre-assembled and you just need to screw them on wall.  Stainless steel cupboard price is affordable if you consider that they do not have warping problem like wooden ones. They also don’t need to be painted like wood cupboards and the fronts are also non-refacing.

Altogether the stainless steel kitchen cabinets cost differ according to models and size, but with their shine, utility and low-maintenance, they are the tough elements everyone want in their kitchen.

Steel Kitchen Cabinets Price
Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet  Rs 50,000/ Piece
SS Commercial Industrial Kitchen Cabinet  Rs 1,500 / Square Feet
Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen Cabinet Rs 3,200 / Square Feet
SS Modular Kitchen Cabinet  Rs 3,500 / Square Feet
Kitchen Cabinets Rs 1,350 / Square Feet
Stainless Steel drinks Cabinet Rs 25,000 / Number
L Shape Modern Kitchen Cabinet Rs 20,000/ Unit