Modular Kitchen Price List

Modular Kitchen by Kamal Kitchen

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By : Kamal Kitchen

Delhi, Delhi

L Shaped Modular Kitchen by Kalpana Kitchen

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Price 950/Sq. Foot
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By : Kalpana Kitchen

Faridabad, Haryana

SS Modular Kitchen by hamd-furniture

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Price 1.6 lakh/Set
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By : Parth Interiors

Delhi, Delhi

Modular Kitchen by Magnific Builders & Interiors

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Price 990/Sq. Foot
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PVC Modular Kitchen by Magnific Builders & Interiors

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Price 1390/Sq. Foot
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Modular Kitchen by Sharda Steel House

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Price 4200/Sq. Foot
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By : Sharda Steel House

Pune, Maharashtra

Modular Kitchen Interiors by Magnific Builders & Interiors

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Price 1400/Sq. Foot
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Modular Kitchen by Kraft Hardware & Decor

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Price 50000/Set
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By : Kraft Hardware & Decor

Nagpur, Maharashtra

Modular Kitchen by Ameya Plastiwood

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Price 350/Sq. Foot
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By : Ameya Plastiwood

Vadodara, Gujarat

Designer Modular Kitchen by Delight Kitchen.

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By : Delight Kitchen

Nagpur, Maharashtra

Modern Modular Kitchen by Delight Kitchen

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By : Delight Kitchen

Nagpur, Maharashtra

Price 50000/Set
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By : Kraft Hardware & Decor

Nagpur, Maharashtra

By : Kraft Hardware & Decor

Nagpur, Maharashtra

Stylish Modular Kitchen by Delight Kitchen

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By : Delight Kitchen

Nagpur, Maharashtra

Choose From The Best Range of Modular Kitchen Available Online at McCoy Mart

Installing a Modular Kitchen has become compulsory in every household. These new styled kitchens are not only trendy but unique too. They help you to keep things in order without dust settling on them. You can easily clean them. The most convenient part is that you can install them as per the shape of your kitchen. You can also avail yourself of Low Budget Modular Kitchen. Every aspect of this setup is separate. This sort of arrangement makes your daily cooking very comfortable and straightforward. It adds an aesthetic to your entire house. 

Modern Modular Kitchen Can be Categorized Into Six Types. The Names of These Six Layouts are:  

These categories have various advantages and uses. They are used according to the space available in your cooking room. You can also select the layout depending on your choice. Modular cooking room cost differs from one setup to another. The details of each category are discussed below. 

  • L Shaped Layout

These layouts are the most commonly seen layout for cooking rooms. This layout is also called a Small Modular Kitchen as it is ideal for smaller cooking rooms. It uses the maximum amount of space available on the floor. By installing this layout, you can also fit a dining table in your cooking room. 

  • U Shaped Layout

U Shaped layouts require a large amount of space to be fitted in. You can fit this layout only if you have enough space in the room allotted for cooking. U shaped layout has a proper work triangle, which allows you to do your cooking and move properly, reaching out every corner. It also gives you ample storage area, and you can install many cabinets either in the upper or lower area. You can also install tall shelves. The counter space that you will get is too ample. At least two people can work at a time in these counters. 

  • Straight Line Layout

Straight line installations do not form a triangle to work. You have a straight line counter where you have to cook and work. This layout can also work as a Modular Kitchen for Small Kitchen. You can install these sorts of designs in the apartments. If you plan for a big dining area, then also you can use them. They save space yet helps you to work efficiently. 

  • Parallel Shaped Layout

The most efficient layout that helps you during cooking is a parallel shaped layout. The working counters or areas face each other. You can easily use these opposite facing counters as wet and dry counters. This New Modular Kitchen gives you ample space for storing various items and utensils. It is also perfect for all kinds of houses and apartments, whether big or small.  

  • Island Layout

Island Layout is one of the Latest Modular Kitchen whose installation is dreamt of by many. It is one of the most trendy setups that you can get for your cooking room. However, if you do not have much space for your cooking room, you cannot install it. This layout combines an L Shaped or a straight line layout with a separate island area. The place of the island can be used for baking, or breakfast, or bar. You can even organize a sink or induction. This extra space will help you to manage your cooking work. You will even get extra storage space. Even the island portion can be used as a table to eat or serve. You use this layout in multiple ways. 

  • Peninsula or G Shaped Layout

The Peninsula or G Shaped Layout is similar to the island layout. The additional part is that it has a free-standing counter, which acts as a secondary table. However, the island was a completely separate portion from the main structure, but the peninsula layout stays connected with the main counter. The counter can be reached from three sides instead of four sides, unlike the island structure. This setup can be used with cooking rooms with small space as they use less floor area. 

The sole purpose of installing the Best Modular Kitchen is to keep the cooking area organized and make the room look elegant. 

A Modular Setup is a Blend of Utility and Fashion. It Has Some Features; They are: 

  • Excellent organization of items: In a modular setup, you can easily keep things in an organized manner. You can fit cabinets, shelves, appliances within a stipulated area. This keeps your cooking room clean and neat. 
  • High Cabinets: The tall cabinets in your cooking room setup can accommodate electronic appliances. It will be easy for you to use them. You can also maintain them properly as they shall not be exposed to dust and dirt.
  • Utilization of available area: Installing this setup utilizes proper space in your cooking room. As the shelves and cabinets are fitted in a single row, you get enough floor place. Thus, you can install these structures in a small area also. 
  • Multiple shelves: There are many shelves in this setup. You can divide grocery items and store them inside different shelves. These compartments help you to store utensils also.
  • Separate Cutlery unit: Cutlery is something that very often gets messed up. This set up helps you to keep cutlery items in an organized manner. On the one hand, it allows you to arrange the cutlery according to size and shape, and on the other hand, it becomes handy and efficient for you to use. 
  • Dishwasher (Pull-Out) - A dishwasher is an embedded part of this setup. It can be pulled out during use, which saves much space on the floor. 
  • Long Pull-Out units: The tall pull-out units help you to store utensils properly without messing them up. You can easily display glasses and dishes. They are also useful during use. 
  • Chimney: Chimney's are an integral part of every cooking room. These setups also have chimneys attached. You can choose the model depending on what style you prefer. Vent helps you keep your elegant cooking room clean from oil and moisture. 

Whether You Opt for a Low-cost Modular Kitchen or an Expensive One, You Get Many Benefits from it. Some of Them are: 

  • The setup is not only straightforward to clean, but any part of it can be repaired. 
  • You get ample space to work in these setups. 
  • If you change your apartment or house, you can shift the set up to your new place. 
  • You can customize the setup as you want. There are standard layouts for every type of cooking room. 
  • The designs of the cooking room setup are sleek. This not only utilizes less space but also enhances the look.
  • They are not only long-lasting but durable too. 
  • Whether you install a Semi Modular Kitchen or a standard one, you get several shelves and cabinets to store things that keep your cooking room organized. 
  • The setup for the cooking room adds aesthetics to your house. They look classy and trendy. Their beautiful appearance makes you happy also. 
  • Previously carpenters had to cut and shape and then fit the setups. However, now the parts can be easily assembled by them. This makes the work easy and takes less time. 

Top Manufacturers List to Consider Before You Purchase One:

  • Guzel Concepts

Guzel is a hardware company manufacturing modular cooking room setups. They are also experts in interior designing, manufacturing wardrobes, vanities, and architectural lighting. 

  • Kamal Kitchen

Kamal Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen was established in 1963. They provide cooking room setups with trendy and modern patterns. They also design wardrobes, wall tiles, and floor tiles. 

  • The Furnishing Hub

The Furnishing Hub manufactures cooking room and home solutions efficiently. They install setups according to the client's requirements and budget. They also design wallpaper of different colors and patterns. 

  • Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio is one of the finest brands in India that manufacture home appliances and decorate interiors. They have a large chain of showrooms all across India. Besides manufacturing setups for the cooking room, they also manufacture wardrobes, cabinets, and cupboards.  

  • Kalpana Kitchen

Kalana Kitchen is a Haryana based company that produces various wooden products, other than designing cooking rooms and supplying appliances. They manufacture window furniture made from wood, beds with bunks, wooden doors, laminated doors, and wooden shutters. The furnishings are famous for their longevity and durability. They also manufacture and repair sofa and wooden flooring design. 

You can search for the Modular Kitchen Price from McCoy Mart. It is an online store which helps you to buy various products easily. It is a trustworthy online mart. You can call it a one-stop store for every requirement of your need. If you are enquiring about Small Modular Kitchen Price, you can know it from McCoy Mart. Even you can compare the price of products from various companies and then buy. You also get to see a plethora of designs and colors of multiple cooking room layouts and cabinets. So why wait? Head to McCoy Mart to purchase the furnishing that you desire.

Modular Kitchen Price List

Type of Modular Kitchen

Price /sqft

Wooden modular kitchen

1400 /sqft – 4000 /sqft

Stainless steel modular kitchen

2000 /sqft – 5000 /sqft

Aluminium modular kitchen

500 /sqft – 3000 /sqft

Laminate modular kitchen

800 /sqft – 3000 /sqft

Acrylic L Shaped Modular Kitchen

1,200 / Square Feet

L Shape Printed Modular Kitchen

1,200/ Foot