Laminated Glass by Glaze Architecture (P) Ltd

Laminated Glass by Glaze Architecture (P) Ltd

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Laminated glass does not shatter like ordinary glass. It absorbs impact, resists penetration and in case of accidental breakage it will remain fixed in the glazing area.

Laminated glass is intrusion proof or burglary proof because the inter layer continues to safeguard the building even after the glass itself is broken.

Sound Reduction
Laminated glass is an excellent barrier to noise. The sheer damping performance of the plastic inter layer make the laminated glass an effective sound control product.

UV Control
Laminated glass screens out 99% of the sun's damaging rays, protecting interior furnishing, displays or merchandise from fading effects of UV radiation.

Earthquake & Storms
Laminated glass remains in the frame and deter glass shards from flying.

Laminated Glass is increasingly being used in Commercial Buildings, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Airports and residential complexes for its application in Canopy, Atrium Skylight, Walkway, Balustrade, Elevators, Dancing Floors, Spiders, Showrooms etc.

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