Laminated Glass by TPRS Enterprises

Laminated Glass by TPRS Enterprises

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Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass used mainly for windshields. As it consists of two layers of glass laminated together by a film, in the event of breakage, the glass pieces tend to adhere to the interlayer. In the event of an accident or a stone or other object striking the glass, the likelihood of penetration into the vehicle cabin is lower risk. This avoids flying of big pieces of broken glass and at the same time preserves visibility for driving in other parts of the same window. The middle layer of the laminated glass is made of polyvinylbutyral (PVB). This interlayer is colorless, transparent, highly weather-proof and is virtually unaffected by UV rays. This glass can be manufactured using annealed. Our TPRS laminated windshield offers the same degree of clear visibility as ordinary glass pane. Laminated Windshield glass cannot be penetrated easily from one side to the other. Should a Vehicle thief attempt to break into the car by breaking the glass, the tough PVB interlayer will act as an effective deterrent, hampering intrusion.  

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  • 100% shatter and splinter proof
  • High safety, high security
  • Anti-vandal, anti-burglar
  • 100% UV filtration for lifelong protection against fabric fading
  • High Noise reduction up to 35 db. in audible frequency range
  • No yellowing, no ageing - long life.
  • Can be cut, drilled and surface processed
  • Extraordinary protection to coated surfaces, e.g. mirrors, reflective glass
  • Bullet resistant glass with multilayered lamination
  • High end type glasses like Cool lite, Sun ban Reflect sol, ET PLANITHERM and SKN Glasses are also making with laminated safety glasses.
  • DM water of 0 ppm is used for washing all glasses.

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