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Decorative Laminates by Durian Laminates

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Decorative Laminates by Merino Laminates Industries

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Decorative Laminates by Woodstock Laminates Ltd

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Decorative Laminates by STANLEY PVC LAMINATES

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Best Decorative Laminates

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Price 950/Sq. Foot
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Decorative Wall Panels by 123ply

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Decorative Laminates by FORESTA PLY

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Decorative Laminates by Stylam Industries Limited

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Decorative Laminates by Star Laminates

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Press Plates by Mapple Stainless

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Decorative Laminate Sheet by Mittal Buildwel

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Decorative Laminate by Infinity Interior Hub

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Fibril Decorative Laminate Sheet by Airolam Laminates

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Florals Decorative Laminate Sheet by Airolam Laminates

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By : Airolam Laminates

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Decorative Laminates

The decorated laminates are stylised sheets of paper that are pressed or fused together under high pressure. The papers are of course impregnated with resins. The pressure applied is more than 1,000psi. in general, the range of pressure applied is between 1,200-2,000psi. The decorative high-pressure laminates are used for making furniture tops. The laminates are special because of their antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The laminates are available in different thicknesses and different finishes for you to choose one depending upon the intended purpose. The purposes of being kitchen cabinetry, walls, wardrobe etc.

Decorative Laminate Sheets- How are they made

Basically, a decorative laminate consists of 3 layers. The bottom brown paper coated with phenolic resin, the topmost layer is a clean sheet and the middle of the second layer is the decorated paper that is coated with phenolic resin. The middle layer, as well as the topmost clear layer, is coated with melamine resin, which contributes to the smooth, anti-scratch, heat resistant and stain resistant surface. Now you have laminates that have up to 7-18 layers. The manufacturing process involves three steps for decorative laminates manufacturers.

Impregnating the paper

The bottom layers of the laminate are Kraft paper. The paper comes in ribbons of different widths . It is commonly t3-5 feet in length. These papers are run through a vat containing resins belonging to the phenolic group.  The paper used in the top layer of the sheet is translucent. It is run through a melamine resin. Just beneath the top layer is the highly- designed and colorful middle layer which is also run through the melamine vat.


The sheets that have been impregnated with the resins are then left to dry in the drying chamber. After they are dry, the sheets are cut and stacked in layers.


The sheets that have been arranged in layers and in the order required are then passed on to the flatbed hydraulic press.  This is the final curing.  The high pressure applied catalyzes the resins. An alternating chain structure is established between the phenol and formaldehyde molecules. And the water molecules are released. This process provides you with the laminated sheet.

There are laminates of different finishes .The finishes include

  • Plain
  • Digital
  • Glossy
  • High glossy
  • Color core
  • Textured
  • Digital
  • Matte
  • Satin Matte
  • Rustic
  • Customized.

The laminated sheet is of a dimension 8ftx4ft and it is priced at Rs.650/- per sheet. You have laminates of thickness ranging from 1.25mm, 1 mm and .8mm. 1mm laminates cost about 700/- per sheet.  you have the cheapest plain laminates that cost about 400/ sheet to the most expensive ones that are priced at about 8000/- The cost tends to increase with the various finishes that the laminates come wit in modern times.

Decorative Laminates for Wardrobes- How to choose

When choosing the laminates, you may choose to use the low-cost laminates for the interiors which are not visible to the eyes. For the outer part, you can choose from the solid colored laminates to the leather finish laminates. you can think of combining two or more finishes and textures too in the laminates.

Decorative laminates for Kitchens

Your kitchen would get an all-new styles appearance with the appropriate use of decorative laminates. The most simple laminate sheet costs about 88- 1200 per sheet. The laminate is a preferred material as it acts as a protection for the layer of wood beneath it and is easy to clean and maintain.

Decorative Laminates for Wall

The digital laminates for walls are more ornate and are in such a way that theses sheets catch the attention of those who enter your home. These sheets feature God images, Digital floral print,  High gloss digital prints and the like which cost about 2,750/sheet.

Decorative laminates are no doubt, the cost-effective way to decorate your house. But, the stylish look it gives is almost equal to any other texturing done on the wall for decoration purposes. Bring in style to your home at small prices. 

Decorative Laminates Price List

Types of Decorative Laminates Price List
Paper And Resin And Tissue Indomica Decorative Laminates  Rs 2,000/Sheet
PVC Sd1001 Sparkle Decorative Laminates Rs 2,000/Piece
Decorative HPL Sheets, Packaging Type: Sleeving Rs 150/Square Feet
High-Pressure Metalam Laminated Sheet Rs 38/Square Feet
Decorative High Pressure Laminate Sheet, Thickness: 6 mm Rs 290/Square Feet
Century Formica Decorative Laminate Rs 600/Sheet
PU Leather Decorative Laminates Rs 4,000/Sheet