Industrial Laminate

Lamination is a type of construction material that is made of multiple layers. The layers are added to improve strength, stability, appearance, and insulation of the core material on which it is applied. Different methods are adopted in the making of lamination sheets based on the type of material used. Laminate sheets are finished products that can be easily applied on the surfaces.

There are different types of laminate sheets based on the manufacturing process, usage, surface finish, properties and build. On the basis of laminate sheet usage, they are broadly classified into two types namely decorative and industrial laminate sheets.

What is Industrial Laminate?

Industrial laminate sheets are the ones that possess a unique combination of electric, mechanical and chemical properties. They are a class of laminate sheets that are electrically insulated at the time of its production. An industrial laminate is produced by fusing different layers together under high pressure and heat by using high – end adhesive like resin.

The production method makes industrial laminate strong and durable. Industrial laminate flooring is preferred for its easy maintenance. The main reason for this is that they have high resistance against scratch, wear, and tear. Some of the application of industrial laminate includes industrial usage, office cabinets, and other furniture. Apart from this industrial laminates are used in making circuit boards.

Can Industrial Laminate be Used for Flooring?

Flooring is the most important factor in designing your space. They need to be strong, convenient to clean and functionally at the same time. Laminate flooring is made up of layers of material that is durable and strong. A laminate sheet glued to a core material makes your space look attractive and elegant. 

These days you can find laminate flooring even in commercial space like retail stores and office. They have opted for the same reason as a household floor lamination. But since the foot – traffic in a commercial space is more they opt for Industrial grade laminate flooring. Industrial laminate flooring is suitable for any business seeking cheap and best material for flooring.

Maintenance of Industrial Laminate

  1. Laminate flooring can be made of layers that have resistance to water penetration. Further, they are durable and laminate sheets are such that they are free from stains and starches. Dirt, spills, stains generally rest on the surface and this can be easily cleaned with water. Regular cleaning of surface that is laminated helps in maintaining them in the original condition for a longer period of time.
  2. Usually, there is a concern among customers about using lamination in outdoor areas. The reason for this is that they believe it can change its color due to UV – light exposure. But adding a surface wear layer provides protection making it possible to use laminate sheets in open public areas.
  3. Industrial laminate wood flooring cannot be refinished. Any invisible wear and tear in the flooring has to be replaced. Hence it is an absolute necessity to buy quality industrial laminate with a durable wear layer that is strong enough to last long. 

Industrial Laminate Price List

Types of Industrial Laminate Price
Industrial Laminates Rs 300/Millimeter
Coffee ( Brown) Industrial Bakelite Sheets Rs 65/Kilogram
Rectangular Black Laminated Sheet, Thickness: 1-4 mm Rs 500/Piece
Industrial Laminate Sheets SPL020, Thickness: 1.25 mm Rs 450/Sheet
Meghdoot Glossy Multicolor Mica Wood Paper Industrial Laminates Rs 1,900/Sheet