Kitchen Laminate

Kitchen Laminate by Merino Industries

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Post forming Laminates by Stylam Industries Limited

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Kitchen Laminate by FORESTA PLY

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Flexo Laminate by Century Ply Laminates

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Kitchen Laminate by Star Laminates

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Kitchen Laminate by Sundek

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Kitchen Coutertop laminates

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By : Greenlam Industries Ltd

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Lamination is a man-made decorative material that is glued on a surface to enhance its appeal. Laminate is a finished product that has number of application. Laminate is made up of thin layers of wood, paper and fabric combined with adhesive like resin. These layers are pressed together under heat to produce a finished product. Laminate can be directly glued directly to the surface such as kitchen cabinets, furniture and doors.

What is Kitchen Laminate?

Kitchen is that part of house where we spend most of the time as a family.  Hence, it is important that you design your kitchen that is comfortable and elegant. Kitchen laminate adds to the beauty of it, it can be used on cabinets, counter tops and for kitchen flooring. Laminates are cost effective way to design a modern and functionally kitchen. The best part about kitchen laminates is that they are available in different color and texture. 

Advantages of Kitchen Laminates

Kitchen laminate sheets have four fold advantages that is perfect for your space.

  1. Range: Kitchen laminate is available in different range; they vary in style, color, design and texture. They are available in wood, marble, granite and metal finishes that helps you blend with the aesthetics of your home. The color of your laminate brings out the personality of your kitchen; a grey kitchen laminate makes your kitchen look and feel spacious.
  2.  Durability: The next advantage of using kitchen laminates is the durability factor. Since laminates are made under high pressure and heat they are durable and strong. Kitchen laminate for flooring offers the sturdiness’ you look for.
  3. Easy to install: Lamination is such a material that it can be glued to a surface easily and effectively. They can also be removed for reuse without much hassle. Unlike wood or other materials, laminate sheet do not require more time for installation or removal. Further, kitchen laminate designs are vibrant and colorful that makes working in the kitchen a delightful.
  4. Maintenance: Laminate sheets are stain and resistant free making it easy to maintain. The chance of a kitchen getting dirty is more. Hence, even using cheapest kitchen laminate worktops add flare to your space and help in keeping it clean.

Types of kitchen Laminates

The personality of a home can be determined by how the kitchen is designed and kept. Lamination is no doubt the best way to bring in aesthetic appeal. But this not sufficient as laminates are available in different style and thickness, you need to pick a right one. Few examples of best kitchen laminate types are:

  1. Shiny and glossy laminates: This type of lamination makes your kitchen feel elegant and look classy. Laminate kitchen cabinets with shiny and gloss sheets to reflect sealing light.
  2. Matt finish laminate: one other type of laminate that you can opt for your kitchen is matt finish. These sheets are sturdy, durable and easy to clean that provides functionality as well as elegance.

Metal Finish: The metal finish laminate in the kitchen makes it look sleek and neat. They easily transform your kitchen into high –end.