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Natural Veneers by Engineer Ply

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Natural Veneers by Duro

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Natural Veneers by GreenPanel

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Natural Veneers by FORESTA PLY

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Natural Veneers by Century Ply Laminates

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Kit Natural Veneer by Kitply Plywood

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Natural Veneer is thin sheets of wood that is peeled from the log of a tree. The sheet is then glued to plywood (core panel) to produce flat panels. The pattern and color of the veneer depend on the type of wood species used for slicing.

Why use natural Veneer?

Using natural veneer has many advantages, the most important of all it is economical than solid wood. Sustainable development calls for preserving our forest, cutting logs into thin layers ensure optimum utilization of a log. Further veneer sheets are available in a wider variety than solid wood.

Using veneer is eco – friendly and can be easily cut and designed to get the preferred shape. Veneer sheets are renewable resources. Natural veneer sheets smell looks and feel like a plank of natural wood. As the natural veneer is part of wood their look, color and pattern depend on the tree or log used in producing the sheets.

Benefits of natural veneer

Natural veneer sheets offer a rich look and feel similar to the design similar to solid wood. Each veneer sheet has its own unique feature; no two veneer sheets look alike.

A natural looking veneer is always better can man-made products like lamination. There is no doubt that technological advancements have allowed man-made designs to improve. But they cannot match natural wood beauty and feel.

Natural Veneer offers different backers allowing for different installations. Raw veneer, 10 mil paperback, bubble-free paperback, and pressure sensors are a few examples of wood veneer backers.

Veneer sheets are made from natural wood, renewable resources. A veneer uses a tiny part of a tree; in fact, 42 veneer sheets can be produced from 1 inch of a log. A natural veneer is an eco – friendly way of using solid wood trees.

Wood never goes out of style; natural veneer produced from wood will always remain stylish. You need not spend money time and again to change the furniture to stay up to date.

Veneer sheets do not form lines as in the case of lamination. They provide a clean and round finish to furniture making them look and feel real.

How to pick natural veneer sheets

Grain patterns: as natural veneer sheets are manufactured from natural wood they retain the grain patterns. If the grain pattern is too perfect to be possible then it is not a natural wood veneer sheet.

The smell of wood: A natural veneer sheets smells like the wood species from which it is extracted. Check for the smell of veneer sheet before making a purchase.

Hardness: Further a natural veneer sheets are hard as they are derived from natural wood. Knock on the sheet and ascertain the hardness before making a purchase. A green natural teak veneer is harder than other species.

Veneer manufacturers in India

Natural veneer sheets are highly being used by designers in making different types of furniture and wood products. Natural wood and veneer Pvt Ltd are one of the leading veneer manufacturers in India. They produce decorative plywood; veneer sheets other wood products from a different type of wood species all over the world.