Oak Veneer

A veneer sheet is a modern age construction material replacing solid wood. Veneer is a thin slice of wood peeled from the log of a tree. Veneer sheet so obtained is glued to a core material like plywood, MDF boards etc and used for different purposes.

What Is Oak veneer?

Oak veneer is a thin sheet that is obtained for the oak tree. Oak veneer sheets offer a protective layer to the core material. Veneer sheets wrap up the core material like plywood and reduce its contact with moisture. Oak veneer sheets are durable in nature, they come in different sizes and colour.

Since oak veneer sheets are obtained for the oak tree, they possess its properties. Oak veneer is a perfect substitute of solid wood trees. They are sustainable in nature and also have the strength to last long. Oak veneer sheets give the furniture the same feel and look like solid wood.

Features Of Oak Veneer

  • Colour and texture: the colour of an oak veneer panels depends on the tree from which it is produced. White and red oak trees are a popular category used in veneer production. White oak tree varies in colour from very light straw colour to brown. Red oak trees have pink broader, given veneer sheets an interesting colour pattern. Again the texture of a sheet depends on natural solid, white oak trees come with coarse grain pattern.
  • Workability: white oak veneers are easy to work with. No doubt that oak is the toughest solid wood available. But an oak tree can be cut clean with any tearing
  • Strength: one of the important properties of an oak tree is its strength. Since oak veneers are produced from oak trees they possess the same strength.
  • Decaying: True blue and white oak veneers are considered more durable with good decaying resistance than other species.

Uses Of An Oak Veneer

Oak is a type of hardwood that is widely used for its strength and durability. White and red oak are the two basic species of this tree. Oak veneer panels have a distinct pattern and grain making it unique veneer oak furniture. Some board usage of an oak veneer is as follows

A veneer is mainly used for interior decoration projects in a household or office.

White Oak veneer sheets are used in making premium furniture for commercial space. The furniture and cabinets so made feels, smell and look like solid oak wood. They are in fact used to custom design wood products like a wine box, soap boxes, species boxes etc. Finally, an oak veneer is also used in creating other products like wood veneer wallpaper and flexible veneer sheets and oak veneer laminate.

Is Oak Veneer Furniture Durable?

There is a notion among the consumers that solid oak tree furniture is durable and has better quality than an oak veneer board. However, the quality and durability of the furniture depend on how the wood is selected, processed and assembled.

3mm oak veneer sheet that has been sliced from an oak tree and glued to core material like plywood is used in oak veneer shelves and oak veneer wardrobe. But base material alone cannot determine the quality of a product. Hence the quality of veneer wood products is based on the size of veneer sheets and the method by which it is applied to the core material.

Oak Veneer Price List

Type of Oak Veneer Price
White Oak Veneer, Thickness: 2 mm Rs 90/ Square Feet
Wood Veneer, 0.30 To 0.50 Mm Rs 68/ Square Feet
Smoked Oak Wood Veneer Rs 165/ Square Feet
Euro Dyed Oak Dyed Z Black Veneer, Size: 8 X 4 Feet Rs 1,600/ Piece
Brown Oak Veneer Plywood Board Thickness: 18 mm Rs 50/ Square Feet
Green Veneer Sheet, Thickness: 4 Mm Rs 50/ Square Feet
Wooden Decorative Veneer Sheet, Size: 8*4, Thickness: 4, 4mm Rs 60/ Square Feet
 Euro Dyed Oak Dyed Z Black Veneer, Size: 8 X 4 Feet Rs 1,600/ Piece