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Wood Veneers by Mahavir Laminates

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Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Wood Veneer by GreenPanel

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Wood Veneers by Niki Doors

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Decorative Wood Veneers by Decorative Wood Veneers

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Vadodara, Gujarat

Wood Veneer by Blooms India Incorporation

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Kit Recon Wood Veneer by Kitply Plywood

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Wood Veneers by Disha Hardware

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Nashik, Maharashtra

Wood Veneers

Wood veneer is the most beautiful countenance. Thin slices of wood are attached or glued together to make panels of cupboards and doors. Wood veneers are mostly considered apt for interior decorations and personal usages, say, furniture making and the likes.

Veneers are molded into sheets to make certain furniture and decorative pieces. Wallpapers of wood veneer sheets are in trends and give your house the perfect soothing and enigmatic look.Unlike laminates and melamine, they are the real expression of wood and not an imitation. Thus their color and texture may vary from tree to tree.  The lighting of your room is also responsible for the color of your wood veneer wallpaper and gives it warmer feel.

Veneers have the upper hand as compared to others because of its unique qualities. These are easily repaired, do not lose their shine and enhances the appearance also.

Types of Wood Veneer

  • Paper-backed- These are one of the most expensive veneer variety available in the market. These are backed up with papers. These are durable and also provide the fine-cut look to the furniture.

  • Raw wood veneer- One of the most beautiful veneers available in the market is raw wood veneer. These are durable, fashionable and cost lesser than other woods. These are the natural wood cut straight from the exotic trees.
  • Phenolic Backed- These are backed with phenol and other composites. These are known as an artificial veneer.Two or more than two slices of wood are stick together to form a strong piece that is then used to create large wood items. No requirement for any expensive machinery.
  • Wood on Wood - A ply made by gluing together a few veneer sheets.
  • Reconstituted veneer- These are cut from the logs of the tree. Also dyed if necessary.
  • Teak Veneer

Texture of Wood Veneer

The texture of wood veneer is either very grainy or smooth. These veneers are delightful and exotic at the same time they are budget friendly too. The range depends on the texture, quality, and design. There is something for everything in the store.

Design of Wood Veneer

The wood veneer texture has evolved over the passage of time. Nowadays, these veneers are 3-dimensional also. Modern designs, vibrant colors, excellent durability, perfect finishing, pocket-friendly, elegant appearance these are a few qualities that make it an ideal choice.

Some veneers are highly resistant to moisture and weather. Even in the rainy season they don’t smell foul or break like other woods.

Reparation of these wood veneers is most natural and makes it more suitable to be used to make furniture that lasts long.Most veneer wood furniture is termite resistant also. These are recyclable, sustainable and renewable. The quality which makes it outshine other woods.

Wooden veneers are nontoxic and eco-friendly as they are all natural. Country’s most excellent companies such as Greenlam provides the highest quality of teak and wood veneers.It produce lesser waste than any other wood and also obtaining it is comparatively easier than others.

The most significant advantage of veneer is that it is versatile, flexible and rich in color and texture.

Architects, constructors, and experts always prefer wood veneer designs over other exotic hardwoods owing to the qualities that are absent in other hardwoods. They are used in construction, interior designing, furniture making, hotel projects, etc.

Wood Veneer Price List

Wood Veneer Price in India, The market is full of wood veneer varieties. The wood veneer price list can be taken from different suppliers available in the market .You can ask a quote for the same to select the best.

Types of Wood Veneer Price
Teak Wood Veneer Sheet  Rs 130 / Square Feet
Plain Wooden Veneers Sheets  Rs 50 / Square Feet
Veneer Plywood Rs 115 / Square Feet
Wood Veneer Sheet Rs 50 / Square Feet
Natural Veneer Plywood Sheet Rs 35 / Square Feet
Euro Veneer Sheet Rs 1,500/ Piece
Veneer Laminate Sheets Rs 1,150/ Piece