Modular kitchen in Kochi

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Modular Kitchen by Nolte

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Kochi is one of the famous port city of the southern state of Kerala and also the second most populous. It straddles between tradition and modernity and is fast developing to be on par with the other metropolis.

The progress of any city can be first seen in the way that the homes are adapting, as it is the most basic component.

The traditional Kochi kitchen is getting replaced steadily by contemporary modular kitchens. The new families have ditched the joint families and ancestral homes and are opting to live in apartments, where the space is much smaller. So, to accommodate the needs of these nuclear families, modular kitchen has become the solution.

These new age kitchens come with enclosed cabinets both on the floor as well as on the walls, thereby helping to save places and accommodate utensils, spices and all other kinds of kitchen equipments.

Cooking appears like an ordeal in a grim and dark kitchen but with these new kitchens, spending 3 to 4 hours in modular kitchen become extremely pleasurable.

There are kitchens can be made using a different kind of material depending on your requirements like wood, plywood, and medium density fibreboard. Modular kitchen if would have noticed have a glossy finish, and this can be achieved by using laminates, acrylic and glass.

Modular kitchen in Kochi is chosen by users as this kitchen help prevent heat and humidity which are synonymous with this area, from entering and spoiling the spices and pulses kept in these cabinets.

Many top brands have their own line of kitchen furnishing. These kitchens will be the talk of the town and bring a certain elegance to your home. If you have not yet got your kitchen refurbished then so without wasting any further time. It is advised to go through the reviews and testimonials of the dealers or distributors before you zero down on a specific one. The ease of usage and convenience are the most significant selling points. Modular kitchen in Kochi households have made its occupants extremely satisfied.

Modular Kitchen Dealers in Kochi

Like any other top cities in India, modular kitchen in Kochi are ubiquitous. There are several modular kitchen dealers in Kochi, and you can visit the one near to your place and get a custom made kitchen suiting your aesthetic choice and matching your price range.

Modular kitchen Kochi Price List

Modular kitchen Kochi price is affordable and comes at different price range depending on your requirements.

Modular Kitchen Type


Wooden modular kitchen

1400/sqft – 4000/sqft

Stainless steel modular kitchen

2000/sqft – 5000/sqft

Aluminium modular kitchen

500/sqft – 3000/sqft

Laminate modular kitchen 

800/sqft – 3000/sqft