Motorized Aluminum Window Blinds by Bintronic Enterprise

Motorized Aluminum Window Blinds by Bintronic Enterprise

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Motorized aluminum blinds have wider slats than traditional blinds for a better view and a more sophisticated look. motorized aluminum blinds are ideal for study rooms, offices and other places.  


  • Adjustable ventilation performance, interior light intensity, especially suitable for simple and neat interior spaces.
  • Effectively against UV and sunlight, heat-resistant without deformation and not easy to fade. good effect of heat insulation, conducive to energy saving.
  • Adjust the light intensity by adjusting the slats via the remote control.
  • Provide smooth and quiet operation.
  • Electronic programming limits via the remote control .
  • One touch for controlling the individual or groups of blinds.
  • Able to be integrated with home automation system.
  • Built-in dry contact closure interface for direct connection to Automation or Smart Home System.
  • Designed with reliability and safety – 12V DC transformer.


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