Pigeon Deterrent Spike by Wurth India Private Limited

Pigeon Deterrent Spike by Wurth India Private Limited

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Module length: 33 cm Material of the wire: Stainless steel Material: Polycarbonate - PC  


These special pigeon deterrent spikes efficiently prevent birds from landing on windowsills, cornices, terraces, roofs, beams, projections and many others. Depending on the model, the area of protection is between 3.5 and 25 cm. The modules consist of a UV-resistant polycarbonate base plate and spring rods made from rustproof V4A stainless steel. The various modules can be combined with each other as desired. Selected materials Long service life in any weather Time factor Fast, simple installation on cornices of any width or depth Predetermined breaking points Simple length adjustment


The surface must be clean, dry and in good condition. The modules must never be installed on greasy or damp surfaces. Shorten the module to the correct length using the predetermined breaking points. Apply mounting adhesive to the polycarbonate base plate and press the module onto the surface. A little adhesive should squeeze through the honeycomb structures of the base plate. On large surfaces, the outer edges should be well-protected, as pigeons usually prefer these as a landing area. In addition, the space between the individual modules should never be more than approx. 5 cm.

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