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Durain BWP Plywood IS710 19MM by Decolam

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Durain BWP Plywood IS710 6MM by Decolam

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The letters BWP stands for “boiling waterproof” used as waterproof graded plywood. This type of plywood is relatively a new concept in the construction industry. High-end glue known as phenol formaldehyde is used in the making of BWP plywood. BWP plywood is suitable for making exterior wooden construction or furniture in general.

BWP 710 Grade plywood is high-grade plywood that is available in the market. This grade of plywood is costlier but they have good resistance to moisture and also provide better strength. This grade of plywood is generally used in making exterior furniture.  IS 710 is a parameter as prescribed by the government that needs to be fulfilled while manufacturing plywood grades.

Difference between BWP and BWR

BWP and BWR plywood are very loosely used by the manufactures to confuse the homeowner. Both the grades of plywood are used in making furniture that is likely to get wet. Though these grades have similar properties they do poses a slight difference. The difference lies in the technology and treatment used in the manufacturing of BWP and BWR plywood.

As per government standards, a BWP grade plywood has to pass 72 hour boiling water test before it is marked so, which is different for BWR plywood. Further, the gluing technique and pressure used in the making of BWP and BWR plywood also differ from one other.

BWP Plywood Size and Cost

BWP plywood specifications vary making it suitable for designing furniture of all kind. The common dimension of BWP plywood that is available in the market is 8x4, 7x4, 6x4 and 6X3 inches. They come in thickness that is standardized 4, 9, 16, 19 and 25 mm. The thickness of BWP marine grade plywood is the same as mentioned above.

A BWP plywood price is calculated at per foot. The cost depends on wood species used in manufacturing and thickness. On average the cost of BWP plywood in India starts from 75 rupees per square foot for 4mm thickness. 

How to pick right BWP Plywood

As a homeowner, it is important to consider the type of material that you use in constructing your home. Before buying BWP plywood consider the following factors

  1. The foremost decision you need to make before buying plywood is the purpose for which you require. The grade and thickness of plywood depend on where you will be using it. For exterior usage BWP plywood is ideal.
  2. Overlapping of layers that are found in plywood is very common. However one can predicate the quality of labor used in manufacturing plywood by taking a side look. Too many overlaps are not good; always prefer plywood that has consistency in making it.
  3. Check for the nail holding capacity of BWP plywood before purchasing. This property of plywood is essential for making furniture. If the plywood splits on nailing then they cannot be used as they lack strength.
  4. Check for certification by looking for numbers stamped on the sheet. IS 710 is high-quality BWP plywood grade available in the market, which is waterproof.

These are the common features to look for while buying BWP grade plywood, in addition to this ensure to check the website of a company to know more of types and styles they come in. 

BWP Plywood Price List

Types of BWP Plywood Price
GSM BWP Plywood Rs 80/Square Feet
BWP Plywood, 18mm Rs 45/Square Feet
Greenply Green Club BWP Plywood Rs 142/Square Feet
19mm BWP Plywood Rs 78/Square Feet
Calibre Brown Waterproof Plywood Rs 42/ Square Feet
CenturyPly Brown BWP Plywood Rs 14/Square Feet
Brown BWP Plywood Rs 60/Square Feet