Commercial Plywood

Commercial Plywood by Durian

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By : Durian Industries Ltd

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Commercial Plywood by Bhairav Plywood

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Price 42/Sq. Foot
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By : Bhairav Plywood

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Commercial Plywood by Sivasri Plywood

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Price 51/Sq. Foot
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By : Sivasri Plywood

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Commercial Plywood by Yashwant Ply

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Price 55/Sq. Foot
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By : Yashwant Ply

Pune, Maharashtra

Commercial Plywood by AKplywoods

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By : AKplywoods

Mangalore, Karnataka

Commercial Plywood by Anand Timber Industries

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By : Anand Timber Industries

Adityanagar, Karnataka

Commercial Plywood by FORESTA PLY

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Gurgaon, Haryana

Commercial Plywood by Niki Doors

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By : Niki Doors

Bangalore, Karnataka


Commercial Plywood by Bhakti Sales

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Price 50/Sq. Foot
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By : Bhakti Sales

Vadodara, Gujarat

Commercial Plywood by Plain Particle Board

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By : Bafna Agencies

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Gurjan Commercial Plywood by Anchor plywood

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By : Anchor plywood

Thane, Maharashtra

Anchor Commercial Plywood- GOLD by Anchor plywood

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By : Anchor plywood

Thane, Maharashtra

Anchor 2000 Commercial Plywood by Anchor plywood

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By : Anchor plywood

Thane, Maharashtra

Anchor Sevak Commercial Plywood by Anchor plywood

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By : Anchor plywood

Thane, Maharashtra

Commercial Plywood by Aalankritha Premium Iinteriors

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By : Aalankritha Premium IInteri..

Hyderabad, Telangana

Commercial Plywood by Unnati Plywood

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Price 50/Sq. Foot
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By : Unnati Plywood

Thane, Maharashtra

Commercial Plywood by Alpro Panels

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By : Alpro Panels

Delhi, Delhi

Commercial Plywood by Shree Hareshwar Saw

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By : Shree Hareshwar Saw Mill

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Price 15/Sq. Foot
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Price 45/Sq. Foot
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By : Sahjanand Timber Mart

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Commercial Plywood by Woodstock Laminates Ltd

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By : Woodstock Laminates Ltd

Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh

Plywood is an engineered wood product which is manufactured by binding layers of wood veneers with each other by a resin under high temperature and pressure. The wood veneers are obtained from logs of various species of wood. The defining characteristic of plywoods is that the grains of alternate layers of veneers are rotated at 90 degrees from one another. Different grades of plywood available in the market include Boiling Water Resistant or BWR, Moisture Resistant or MR and Marine grade plywood. The question that arises is what is commercial plywood? The answer is that commercial plywood is a term which refers to MR or moisture resistant grade of plywood. This is a basic type of plywood available in the market.

Features of Commercial Plywood

The Indian Standards specification for commercial plywood is IS:303. Commercial plywood is moisture resistant in nature. This implies that commercial plywood is not waterproof in nature but can tolerate certain amount of moisture. BWR grade of plywood, on the other hand, is waterproof.

The manufacturing process of commercial plywood is same as that of other grades of plywood. However, the resin used in gluing the layers of wood veneers in commercial plywood is urea melamine formaldehyde resin instead of phenol formaldehyde resin used in other grades of plywood. Treatment process of commercial plywood is also different as compared to other grades of plywood.

The commercial plywood types vary according to the species of wood used in them and the number of veneers used to make the plywood.

The veneer species can be hardwood or softwood. Some examples include Eucalyptus, Gurjan, Birch, Rubber, Poplar,etc. Commercial plywoods made of hardwood veneers last longer as compared to commercial plywoods made of softwood veneers. The best commercial plywood india is considered to be the one made of Gurjan species. Gurjan commercial plywood is expensive but of the best quality available in the market.

The types of commercial plywood in terms of numbers of veneers are called 3-ply, 5-ply and multi-ply.

Commercial plywood is used for making home and office furniture. It is also used for making wall panelings and partitions. However, commercial plywood can only be used for making furniture used in dry environments such as bedrooms, living rooms, etc. It cannot be used to make furniture likely to be exposed to moisture such as kitchen and bathroom furniture.

What is Alternate Commercial Plywood?

A new type of plywood known as alternate commercial plywood has become popular among people. An alternate commercial plywood is made by bonding veneers of two different species of wood. For example, Eucalyptus and Poplar veneers can be bonded to form an alternate commercial plywood. Alternate commercial plywood is a high-grade plywood but is not very expensive.

Dimensions of Commercial Plywood

The commercial plywood india come in standard sizes and thickness. The most common size of commercial plywood sheets in India is 8 feet by 4 feet. Other commercial plywood sizes are 8’ x 3’, 7’ x 4’, 7’ x 3’, 6’ x 4’ and 6’ x 3’.

Standard commercial plywood thickness can be 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm and 25mm. 8mm and 12mm commercial plywood sheets are mainly used for making furniture.

Commercial Plywood Price List

Types of Commercial Plywood Price
Greenply Commercial Plywood Rs 45/Square Feet
Avron 12MM Alter Plywood Rs 109/Per Sq.ft
Commercial Plywood for Furniture Rs 24/Square Feet
Rectangle Commercial Plywood Rs 32/Square Feet
Commercial Plywood Sheet for Indoor Rs 1,500/Sheet
Brown Wooden Commercial Rectangle Plywood Rs 55/Feet
Brown Rectangular Commercial Plywood Board Rs 3,966/Board

In India, commercial plywood price like other plywoods is on a per square feet basis. The commercial plywood price list includes prices ranging from Rs 40/square feet to Rs 189/square feet. The prices vary according to brand, type of veneer species, thickness and finishing. For example, a 19mm commercial plywood price made of hardwood species and of 8 x 4 feet size can be Rs 51 per square feet. Superior features such as termite resistance, anti-scratch surface and high durability also impact the price.

There is a whole lot of suppliers of commercial plywood in India. Thus, the commercial plywood price in india can be compared among various suppliers. The total commercial plywood cost depends upon the total square feet of commercial plywood sheet required by the customer.

Comparison with BWR grade plywood

  • Commercial plywood is moisture resistant but not waterproof. BWR grade plywood shows very high resistance against water and is not damaged by high moisture.
  • Commercial plywood has lesser strength than BWR grade plywood. The quality of BWR plywood is superior than commercial plywood.
  • Urea melamine formaldehyde resin is used to bind the veneers in commercial plywood. BWR plywood, on the other hand, is manufactured using phenol formaldehyde which is a synthetic plastic resin.
  • Commercial plywood is used to make only indoor furniture which are not going to be exposed to moisture. BWR plywood, on the other hand, is used to make both indoor and outdoor furniture including furniture for wet areas such as kitchen and bathroom.
  • Commercial plywood is cheaper than BWR plywood