Designer Plywood

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What Is Plywood?

Plywood is an engineered construction product that is made of a thin slice of wood sheets ( also called as veneer). This veneer slices are glued together and pressed under high heat to give it a flat surface. Plywood in simple terms is also called as ply. Since plywood is made up of different layers of veneer it is strong and light at the same time. Plywood is highly used in from making furniture to constructing a home.

The Manufacturing Process Of Plywood

Plywood use has been around for ages. They are made from thin layers of the wood sheet called veneers. Veneer sheets are glued to each other with the help of industrial grade adhesives and then pressured under heat. The adjoining plywood sheets are turned at 90 degrees to give it additional strength by a process known as cross – graining.  They are different types of plywood based on wood type, grade, and treatments.

Plywood is versatile in nature, making its application easy and interesting. Designer plywood is a type of plywood that is used in making shelves, wardrobes and furniture to enhance the overall appeal.

Why Use Designer Plywood?

Plywood application in the construction industry is wide. They are mainly used for the interiors of a home, and in those areas where importance is given to looks. Designer plywood is best for increasing the beauty of a home. Plywood is affordable and can be easily cut to give the desired shape.

Since plywood sheets are available in different finish, color and look, they can be used in different parts of a home. A designer ply with waterproof resistance can be used to make pantry doors and shelves that can act as an accent wall. With a little imagination, the application of designer plywood in your home is endless.  The main reason for using Designer plywood sheets is to enhance its strength and aesthetic appeal.

Advantages Of Designer Plywood

  1. Lightweight: as designer plywood sheets are made of veneer slices, they are light in weight. Plywood sheets can be easily transported and carried to the construction site.
  2. Different grades: Designer plywood not only looks and feels good but also provides protection. An FR grade plywood sheet with water resistant capacity is ideal for making kitchen cabinets.
  3. Eco – friendly: plywood is a natural product that is made from veneer sheets. These sheets are obtained by slicing a wooden log, which is a renewable resource. Therefore designer plywood is the most eco – friendly way to décor your home.
  4. Affordable: designer plywood is alternate to a solid wood craving, which is expensive and time-consuming to make. Designer plywood gives you the same look and feel of wood at an affordable price.

In recent times there is an increasing trend among homeowners to use designer ply to décor their home. DIY projects and tiny living are the main reasons why the demand for designer plywood is increased. Plywood is a simple solution to most of the décor related problems at home. Designer plywood is strong, long lasting and can hold paints and stains well.

Designer Plywood Price List

Type of Designer Plywood Price
Designer Laminates Plywood, Thickness: 3.0 mm Rs 300/ Sheet
Brown Board Designer Plywood Rs 55/ Square Feet
Brown Designer Laminated Plywood Sheet, Size: 8 x 4 feet Rs 90/ Square Feet
Designer Wooden Plywood, 5-25 Mm Rs 50/ Square Feet
Designer Plywood Sheet Thickness: 10 to 25 mm Rs 40/ Square Feet
Termite Resistant Designer Plywood Sheet Size: 9 X 6 Feet Rs 35/ Square Feet