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Plywood is an engineered construction material that has gained popularity in recent years. Plywood is made up of thin layers of wood veneers are glued together using high – end adhesive. Alternate layers of plywood are rotated to 90 degrees by a method known as cross – graining.  The main reason for this to provide the product with super strength that ensures its durability. Plywood usage has been increased for making outdoor wood products.

Plywood is available in different types such as softwood, hardwood, tropical, decorative and flexible plywood. Each of these types is made from different wood species. The usage of plywood types depends on the property.

What is Flexible Plywood?

Flexible plywood is also known as flexi ply, bendy ply or wiggle ply. Flexible plywood is the most special of all the types; flexi play can be easily bent. Flexible plywood is constructed using specialized technology that allows it to bend easily without breaking into pieces.

Basically, flexible plywood is constructed from multiple wood veneers running in a single direction. Flexi ply once veneered, glued or laminated it will hold its shape without any support.

Glue is applied on each layer of a flexi ply, and then the different layers are pressed and held firmly in the jig. Once the glue is dried, flexi ply is removed from the jig. The pressed and glued flexi ply takes the shape of a modal or jig which is permanent.

Why use flexible plywood?

Flexible plywood is the most innovative engineered construction material that has various applications making it popular. Flexi ply can be easily bent without breaking it into pieces, this feature makes it best to use in any design. The flexible nature of the plywood can be given any complex shape that can be used in different parts of architectural design.

In addition to this flexi ply manufactured by reputed companies are best in quality. Including such sheets into your design will give a whole new dimension to your place. Using flexible plywood one can easily design carved furniture, like the ones found in the 18th century.

Advantages of Flexible Plywood

  1. Plywood is manufactured by using hardwood, which provides it with strength and making it a strong material. Flexible plywood thickness can be easily bent without compromising on strength and durability.
  2. Plywood as such is inexpensive and reusable material which is produced locally, that result in less production cost.
  3. Flexible plywood sheets are easy to work with and also since they are light weighted and self – supported you can easily transport it
  4. Flexible plywood properties are ideal for practical application that requires bends and curves such as rocking chair, bookcase, and TV unit.
  5. Flexible plywood is available in long grain and cross grain. It is easier to use than regular plywood for making furniture.

Cost and Specification of Flexible Plywood

Flexible plywood is very useful material for making any kind of curved wood structures. Century ply and kit ply are a couple of brands that manufacture them. Apart from they are various other companies that make flexible plywood in a different dimension to meet customer’s requirement. The most common size available is 8x4 feet and thickness varies between 3mm flexible plywood to 16mm. Flexible plywood price depends on the size and quality of wood species used.

Flexible Plywood Price List

Types of Flexible Plywood Plywood
Brown Flexible Plywood, Thickness: 6 mm Rs 30/Square Feet
Brown Flexible Plywood for Furniture, Thickness: 4 mm Rs 1/Unit
Flexible Plywood Rs 34/Square Feet
Brown ASEAN Flexible Plywood Rs 70/Square Feet
Brown Flexible Plywood Sheet for Furniture Rs 45/Square Feet
Flexible Plywood Sheet, Size: 1220 x 2440 mm Rs 55/Square Feet