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Mangalore, Karnataka

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Nashik, Maharashtra

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Kolkata, West Bengal


Plywood sheets are widely used for constructing furniture and other wooden products for domestic and commercial use. A plywood sheet is manufactured by binding layers of wooden sheets called veneers by a resin. The wood core of the plywood is one of the major determinants of its quality. The layers of veneers which make up the wood core of the plywood are obtained from many kinds of hardwood and softwood species. The most popular plywood in India and other South-East Asian countries is gurjan plywood.

What is Gurjan?

Gurjan is a hardwood species of tree coming under the family of Dipterocarpus which has seventy species. The botanical name of Gurjan is Dipterocarpus Turbinatus. Gurjan trees are abundant in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Gurjan is a source of commercial timber for making a plethora of things including plywood.

Features of Gurjan plywood

The question is what is gurjan plywood? Gurjan plywood is made by obtaining slices or sheets of wood from Gurjan tree which are then stacked over one another and bonded using a resin. The wood veneers, the front face and the back face of a plywood must be of Gurjan wood for it to be recognised as 100% Gurjan plywood. If only the core or front or back face is Gurjan, the plywood can’t be called a 100% Gurjan plywood.

Gurjan plywood is stiff, tough and resistant against impacts. Gurjan plywood has uniform strength with and across the grain which imparts high strength and durability to it. Furniture and other things made of Gurjan ply never suffer from the problem of shrinking or wrapping unlike other plywoods. Gurjan veneers used to make plywood are uniform in thickness. Consequently, there are no gaps and overlaps between the layers of veneers. This is the reason why Gurjan plywood has a longer life as compared to other kinds of plywood. Gurjan plywood is also ideal for carving and designing. Hence, it can be used for a plethora of applications apart from making furniture such as flooring, door panels, etc. Other features of gurjan wood plywood include high resistance against bacteria and other microbes, superior moisture resistance, fire resistance, high strength to weight ratio and strong ability to hold screws and nails.

Types of Gurjan Plywood

Gurjan is a high quality species of wood. Hence, it is used to make waterproof and tough varieties of plywood. The gurjan plywood types are as follows.

  • BWR grade Gurjan plywood is an exterior grade plywood which is waterproof in nature. The Gurjan veneers are bonded using phenol formaldehyde resin to make BWR grade Gurjan plywood. Gurjan BWR plywood exhibits resistance against cracking, warping, shrinkage and delamination. It is suitable for use in areas with high humidity and frequent climatic changes. Common uses of BWR grade plywood made of Gurjan are for making kitchen and bathroom cabinets and other furniture and external cladding for buildings and outdoor furniture.
  • BWP grade Gurjan plywood is also known as gurjan 710 plywood because the Indian Standards specification is 710. BWP grade plywood is also called Marine plywood. This type of plywood is superior in quality and strength than BWR grade plywood. Gurjan BWP plywood is completely waterproof in nature and can withstand prolonged exposure to water. High strength and excellent resistance against moisture makes gurjan plywood 710 ideal for ship and boat building besides other kinds of woodwork to be used in marine environments.

Price of Gurjan plywood

Since the price of a plywood is heavily dependent upon the kind of wood veneer used in it, the gurjan plywood price is more as compared to other plywoods made of other species of wood veneer. Gurjan wood available in India is mainly imported from Burma, Malaysia and Indonesia. Hence, gurjan plywood price in india is expensive. However, the quality of plywoods made of imported Gurjan is very high and gives good value for money.

The price of Gurjan plywood also depends upon the grade. If we compare gurjan plywood 710 price with that of gurjan plywood 303, it becomes clear that Marine or 710 grade Gurjan plywood costs more than Gurjan 303 or BWR grade plywood. This is because the former is superior in quality than latter.

For example,710 grade gurjan plywood cost for a sheet measuring 12mm in thickness, 6-8 feet in length and 3-4 feet in width can be Rs 2100. Another example is of a 25mm thick Gurjan BWR grade plywood costing Rs 45 per square feet.

Brand also plays a major role in determining the price of the Gurjan plywood. Branded Gurjan plywood sheets are made using advanced technology which imparts many additional beneficial features to them. Higher the brand value, greater is the cost of the plywood. There are many gurjan plywood brands in india such as , Greenply, Alishan, Durian, etc.

The gurjan plywood price list can be compared among different brands on various websites to get the best possible rate.


Analysis of gurjan plywood review from customers reveal that the best brands perform as per expectations and justify the high price.

Gurjan Plywood Price List

Types of Gurjan Plywood Price
12mm Gurjan Plywood Rs 38/ Square Feet
18 mm Gurjan Plywood Board Rs 70/ Square Feet
Ultra Gurjan Plywood Rs 85/ Square Feet
Gurjan Plywood Boards Rs 20/ Square Feet
Rotoply Gurjan Plywood Rs 110/ Square Feet
Veneer Gurjan Plywood Rs 86/ Square Feet
Burma Gurjan Plywood Rs 96/ Square Feet