Laminated Plywood

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Plywood is an engineered wooden product manufactured by bonding wood veneers with each other using an adhesive and high temperature and pressure. Plywood is used for a plethora of interior, exterior and structural applications. When a laminate sheet is glued to its surface, it becomes a laminated plywood. The laminate sheet serves both decorative and protective functions for the plywood. Regular plywood can also be turned into waterproof laminated plywood by fixing a high quality laminate sheet on its surface. The laminated plywood come in a multitude of artistic designs and colours.

How is Laminate Manufactured?

Laminate sheet is manufactured by binding layers of paper with a resin followed by compressing it under heat and pressure. First of all, brown paper also known as Kraft paper is soaked in phenolic resin while translucent and decorative paper are soaked in melamine resin. Resin makes the paper hard and brittle. After drying, the papers are cut to required sizes according to the required size of the laminate.

The papers are then stacked over one another and compressed under high temperature and pressure by a hydraulic press. The bottom sheet is the brown paper, middle sheet is the decorative paper and the topmost sheet is the translucent paper. Finally, the bottom side of the laminate is sanded for easy adhesion to surfaces such as plywood.

Types of Laminated Plywood

These are the common types of laminated plywood available in the market.

  • High pressure laminated plywood has HPL attached to its surface. HPL is manufactured by attaching the decor paper to the kraft paper at high pressure. HPL sheets are very hard and durable. High strength decorative high pressure laminate sheet is attached to plywood using adhesive.
  • Low pressure laminated plywood is made by attaching LPL to the plywood surface. LPL is manufactured by soaking only the decorative paper in melamine resin followed by bonding it to particle board or fiber board.
  • Regular laminated plywood has a laminate sheet of 0.8mm to 1.5mm thickness fixed on it.
  • Compact laminated plywood has a laminate sheet with thickness ranging between 3mm and 30mm fixed on it. This laminated plywood cut to size can be put to certain specific uses. No adhesive is required to fix a compact laminate sheet because it is self supporting.
  • Decorative laminated plywood carries a decorative laminated sheet which protects the plywood and imparts good aesthetics to it.
  • Industrial laminated plywood board carry industrial grade laminated sheet which provides high level protection against scratches and wear and tear. It is commonly used in industrial locations.
  • Acrylic laminated plywood has a very glossy appearance due to acrylic laminated sheet attached on it. An acrylic laminated plywood is non-toxic, reflective and very smooth. Acrylic laminated plywood is a popular choice for laminated plywood for cabinets especially for kitchens.
  • Matt finish laminate plywood imparts a matt look to make the office furniture appear stylish.
  • Textured finished laminated plywood has textures on the surface which you can feel with the hand. This type of plywood imparts a realistic look to the furniture.
  • Plastic laminate plywood is obtained when a laminate sheet made of kraft papers soaked in plastic resin is attached on a plywood. The plastic laminated plywood sheets are resistant against heat, moisture, chemicals and external impacts.

Uses of Laminated Plywood

There are many types of laminated plywood design suited for various applications. There are many uses of laminate plywood. For example, laminated plywood flooring is a cheaper option to solid wood flooring. It comes in a plethora of colours and textures. Another example is laminated plywood door in which laminated plywood is used as the core material for the door. Pre-laminated plywoods are also available in the market to avoid the task of gluing laminate sheets on them. You also get both side laminated plywood for various purposes.

Laminated Plywood Price List

Types of Laminated Plywood Price
Laminated Plywood, Thickness: 18 & 19 mm Rs 28/Square Feet
Ebony Aspen Laminated Ply Rs 700/Sheet
Dark Brown Laminated Shuttering Plywood Rs 44/Square Feet
Brown 5 Layer Designer Laminated Plywood Rs 35/Square Feet
Greenlam Laminate Plywood, Thickness: 1 mm Rs 900/Square Feet
Brown Laminate Plywood, Thickness: 6 mm Rs 100/Square Feet
Grey Laminated Plywood Sheet Rs 500/Sheet

The laminated plywood price depends upon the size, thickness and quality. High-grade features of the laminate sheet such as fire resistance, anti-bacterial action, strength, etc. also influence the laminated plywood rates.

Let’s take the example of a 3mm laminated plywood made of a hardwood species with 6-8 feet length and 3-4 feet width. The laminated plywood sheets cost for this sheet ranges between Rs 45 and Rs 85/ square feet.

Let’s take another example. This time of a 18mm laminated plywood made of eucalyptus with a size of 8ft x 4ft. The laminated plywood price in india for this sheet starts from Rs 105/ square feet.

There are various brands offering various price ranges for their laminated plywood products. The laminated plywood sheets cost in india is usually on a per square feet basis even though some manufacturers can also determine the prices on a per sheet basis.

The cost of laminated plywood manufactured by popular brands is more as compared to other brands. This is because laminated plywoods offered by the best brands are superior in every respect.

There are many online stores offering laminated plywood such as laminated plywood home depot. Online stores enable customers to view all kinds of laminated plywood and order them online without going anywhere.