MDF Board/Sheet

MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard. It has emerged as an economical alternative to wood. MDF is an engineered wood product which is manufactured using residues of hardwood and softwood. The residues are glued with wax and resin under extreme temperature and pressure. The density of an mdf board is more than that of plywood and is usually between 500 kg/cubic metres and 1000 kg/cubic metres.

Types of MDF Boards

Laminated- A laminated mdf board is made by gluing many thin fiber boards of different wood grains together. Gluing is done under high temperature and pressure. The surface of a laminated mdf board is stiff and hard. The surface is highly even and is free of knots. They are available in wide range of wood grain shades.

Particle- Particle MDF board is made of particles of various sizes and shapes which are bonded together by a resin. Wood particles such as wood shavings and chippings are cut to smaller sizes using wood chipper. The particles are mixed with resin and poured into a sheet to pack them together. Particle MDF boards are commonly used as mdf boards for cupboards and other kinds of furniture used in living rooms, kitchen and dining rooms.

Fibre- Fiber board is made using wood chippings, vegetable starch or organic fiber obtained from sugarcane.  Formaldehyde resins such as phenol formaldehyde or urea are used to bind the raw materials. The process is dry and takes place at a low temperature. Fiber boards are have both commerical and residential applications because of their sound proof properties.

The MDF boards can be also be classified according to colour. Ultra light MDF is also known as white mdf board. Green MDF board is moisture resistant. Red or blue MDF board is fire resistant.


MDF boards are mainly used for making furniture items. Many furniture companies use accurately measured MDF boards to make furniture. Using MDF lowers the cost of manufacturing furniture.

MDF boards are also used for making home interior cabinetry such as shelving units and kitchen cabinets. Cabinets are made of fiberboard and provided a wood laminate on the top.  MDF boards have many other uses in home interiors such as doors, flooring and mouldings.

Fire retardant MDF boards are used in construction of buildings to protect them against fire hazards. Fire resistant MDF boards are commonly used in the construction of offices, shops and other commerical builidings that have to meet various safety requirements. Residential buildings can also be constructed using fire resistant MDF boards.

MDF boards provide soundproofing. Hence, they are used in the walls of offices, apartments and media rooms to prevent sound from travelling through the walls. MDF boards are also used by many speaker manufacturing companies. The MDF board inside the speaker's casing prevents vibration by absorbing the sound waves.

MDF boards can be used as a vapour barrier and insulator in both residential and commerical properties. MDF absorbs moisture without shrinking or rotting, hence it acts as an effective vapour barrier and insulator for long periods of time.


A plethora of high quality mdf board sheets are available in the market. For example, densified water resistant mdf board sheets suitable for prolonged exposure to moist conditions. They are available in various sizes and thickness.

MDF boards primed using chemicals such as urethane are also available in the market. The life and quality of the MDF board is improved by priming. The primed mdf board sizes are displayed in inches. The required size depends upon the size of cabinet, shelve, bookcase or other type of furniture to be constructed using it.

Pre-laminated MDF board has a melamine infused paper fixed on the surface. The paper has a design and decor which imparts a realistic surface finish to the MDF panel. They are available in a variety of wood grain shades such as mahogany, walnut, Asian maple, Bavarian beech, acacia, Oxford cherry, Nova teak, etc. Various colour shades such as forest green, arctic white, silver grey, black, slate, etc. are ablso available in the market.

MDF Boards Price List

Types of MDF Boards Price List
Red UV MDF Board Rs 160/Square Feet
Jacwud MDF Board Rs 52.25/Square Feet
OSL MDF Boards Rs 48/Square Feet
Action Tessa Brown MDF Boards Rs 135/Square Feet
Woodpulp Brown Plateau MDF Board Rs 60/Square Feet
CenturyPly Brown Plain MDF Board Rs 40/Square Feet
3D MDF Wave Board Rs 50/Square Feet

The mdf board price depends upon its thickness, size, type of construction and nature of finish. The cost can be on the basis of per square feet or the dimensions of the mdf board.

The mdf board sizes are clearly mentioned by the companies on their websites. For example, a 19mm mdf board with a high gloss acrylic finish can cost anything between $30 and $45 per sheet.

Advantages of MDF boards

  • MDF is easy to cut and drill because there are no grains since it is not a natural product.
  • Chemicals used in processing MDF boards make them resistant against insects.
  • MDF board can be given the same look as that of a natural wood. Hence, it is a good alternative for wooden furniture.
  • MDF has a very smooth surface devoid of knots and kinks.

It is important to buy mdf board from a reputed company only to get the best quality and service.