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Prelam Particle Board by Mahavir Laminates

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By : Mahavir Laminates

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Pre Laminated Particle Board by Malnad Interiors

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Price 30/Sq. Foot
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By : Malnad Interiors

Bangalore, Karnataka

Prelam Particle Board by 123ply

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By : 123ply

Delhi, Delhi

Particle Boards by Indore Plywood Traders

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By : Indore Plywood Traders

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Plain Particle Board

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By : Bafna Agencies

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Particle Board by Glam Ply & Decor

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Price 32/Sq. Foot
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By : Glam Ply & Decor

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Price 100/Sq. Foot
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By : Unnati Plywood

Thane, Maharashtra

Customized Particle Board by Unnati Plywood

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Price 120/Sq. Foot
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By : Unnati Plywood

Thane, Maharashtra

Kitlam (Prelam Particle Board) by Kitply Plywood

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By : Kitply Plywood

Kolkata, West Bengal

Plain Particle Board by Archidply Industries Ltd

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Particle Board by Crownply Plywoods

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By : Crownply Plywoods

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Particle board is an engineered wood product just like plywood, MDF, blockboard, etc. The exact particle board meaning is that it is a board manufactured by compressing wood shavings, saw dust and wood chips with a glue. Urea formaldehyde is commonly used as the glue with which the wooden particles are blended with prior to application of pressure. The particle board is created by high pressure and any kind of shape can be given to the board. The wooden chips or shavings on the surface of the particle board are thinner as compared to the chips and shavings in the middle portion. This is the reason why the surface of the particle board is more dense than the middle.

Some of the important properties of particle boards have been discussed here.

Weight and Strength

The particle board sheets are light in weight. This is because wood shavings, wood chips and sawdust making up the particle board are light in weight. Due to less weight, the density of particle board is high. Due to low weight, particle boards are very easy to carry and handle.

Strength of particle board is less as compared to other kinds of engineered wood. Low strength of particle board is attributed to the use of weak materials in it such as wood chips and sawdust. Thus, particle board is suitable for low load bearing applications.

Moisture Resistance

A wood particle board does not exhibit high resistance against moisture. Particle board may swell, crack or become discoloured in the presence of moisture.


Surface of a particle board is very smooth and flat which enables easy fixing of laminates or veneers. A laminated particle board has improved aesthetics and strength.


Particle boards provide good sound insulation. Thus, they are widely used in speakers and walls and ceilings of studios, auditoriums, theaters, etc.


Particle boards have lesser durability as compared to solid wood or plywood. The life span of particle boards can be 3-5 years which can increase with good maintenance. However, using laminates or veneers improve the durability of particle boards. A pre laminated particle board or veneered particle board can last 10-15 years.

Screw Holding Capacity

The screw holding capacity of a particle board is good and is more than MDF. This is the reason why particle boards are widely used to make furniture pieces which are assembled using screws.


Particle boards are eco-friendly in nature because recyclable wood wastes such as wooden shavings, saw dust, wood chips, etc. are used in their manufacture. This helps in conserving the environment.


Particle boards can be made fireproof by attaching melamine on the surface. Industrial furniture is usually made of this type of particle board.

What is the size range?

The standard particle board sizes range between 1800mm to 3600mm in terms of length and 450mm to 1800mm in terms of width. The required size of the particle board depends upon the application. The particle boards also come in a wide range of colour options. The various particle board colours include slate, white, almond, black, mahogany, forest green, silver grey and many more.

What are the uses?

Particle board is widely used to make all kinds of furniture. You can find many particle board furniture elements in both residential and commercial establishments. A wide variety of particle board furniture designs for beds, wardrobes, storage units, tables, etc. are offered by carpenters because it is easy to work with and inexpensive.

Particle board is a suitable material for making cabinets. The particle board cabinets are cheap because every component such as shelves, jamb, back and bottom are made of particle board while only the faces are made of real wood. Low cost has made particle board a popular choice for cabinets. Apart from cabinets, particle board is also used as the core material in doors.

There are also many particle board uses in the construction industry. Particle boards are used to make coverings for hardwood floors but not for making main floors. Particle boards are extensively used to make false ceilings. Sheets of particle boards are placed on top of the main roofing material and then shingles are attached to them. Particle board false ceilings are particularly useful in auditoriums, theaters and studios due to their sound insulation properties. Particle boards are also used to make concrete forms.

What are the prices?

The particle board price is lesser as compared to other types of engineered wood. Thus, it is a cheaper option. The particle board price list of any manufacturer displays the price on a per sheer or per square feet basis. Pre- laminated or veneered particle boards cost more as compared to conventional particle boards. The price of a particle board depends upon its size, thickness and exterior finish.

There are many particle board online stores. Complete information along with price and shipping details are available on the online stores.

Particle Board Price List

Types of Particle Board Price
Pre-Laminated Particle Board, Thickness: 9 mm Rs 23/ Square Feet
High Gloss Rectangle Particle Boards, Size: 9 x 6 feet Rs 45/ Foot
Wood Ster Particle Board Rs 30/ Square Feet
Brown Rectangle Particle Boards Rs 25/ Square Feet
Particle board Rs 26/ Square Feet
Plain Particle Board Rs 26.3/ Square Feet
MDF Rectangular Particle Board Rs 35/ Square Feet