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It is very important as an owner to know your material before you decide on construction. The construction industry has been evolved over the past years. Today a number of new building materials are available in the market. Each of this material has its own application and usage, hence it is an absolute necessity to know them.

Pre-laminated MDF board is one such material that is gaining popularity among customers.

What is Pre - laminated MDF board?

First, let's understand what an MDF board is. The letters MDF stands for medium density fiber that is made of wood particle and glue under high pressure. Hence pre-laminated MDF board is a particle that has a decorative layer called lamination attached to it at the time of the manufacturing process. The laminate sheet glued to the board surface increases its aesthetic appeal and value.

Pre-laminated boards come in two categories namely one side lamination and both side lamination. In one side the lamination sheet is attached on a single side whereas, in both side laminations, both the top and bottom surface of an MDF board is pre-laminated.

The process of making pre - laminated MDF board

The pre-laminated MDF board is made up adopting low intense pressure machine. The MDF boards which are made of wood particles are given board like shape under high pressure. This board is later bonded together with laminate sheets to add colour, texture and finish to plain and boring MDF boards.

The laminate sheets are glued to MDF boards by using melamine resin under high pressure. Laminate sheets that replicate the feel and look of solid wood is very popular among customer. Pre-laminated boards come in two grade that is, interior grade and exterior grade. this classification is based on the resin used in manufacturing.

Advantages of pre - laminated board

  1. The use of melamine in making boards provides a smooth and clean surface. Further, melamine seals the MDF boards and gives a complete look.
  2. Pre-laminated MDF boards are easy to maintain and clean. Pre-laminated MDF board price is based on the type and pattern of the lamination sheet used in the manufacturing process. The price range starts around 300 / sheet in online stores.
  3. Pre-laminated board is available in a different colour, texture and finish resulting in different variety. Adding pre-laminated MDF boards save the cost of buying lamination sheets separately.
  4. Pre-laminated board has a higher density making it strong to withstand the weight.

Where is pre-laminated board used?

The internal grade pre-laminated board is used in making furniture like bookshelves and Tv stands. They can also be used to make cabinets in the kitchen provided waterproof laminate sheets are used.

Pre-laminated MDF boards in India is readily available; designers are using them in making modular kitchens. The colour, texture, pattern and finish of pre laminate boards are huge making it a popular choice among customers.  Pre laminated particle board V/s MDF lies in the strength and price of the boards. MDF boards are stronger than particle boards, however, particle boards are cheaper than MDF boards. 

Pre Laminated MDF Board Price List

Types of Laminated MDF Board Price
Leo Classic Pre-Laminated MDF Boards, 5 mm to 25 mm Rs 800/ Sheet
Associate Pre-Laminated MDF Board, 10 mm and 18 mm Rs 50/ Square Feet
Blue Pre Laminated MDF Board, Thickness: 17 & 18 mm Rs 55/ Square Feet
Brown Pre Laminated MDF Square Board, Size: 8 x 6 feet Rs 22/ Square Feet
Wood Ster Brown Pre Laminated MDF Board, Thickness: 5 To 25mm Rs 40/ Square Feet
Prelaminated MDF Board, 5mm Rs 48/ Piece
Rectangular Prelaminated MDF Board, Thickness: 6-18 Mm Rs 25/ Square Feet