Solar Rooftop Systems by Euro Premium Solar

Solar Rooftop Systems by Euro Premium Solar

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A Solar Grid-Tie system, also known as Photovoltaic or PV, uses roof-mounted or building-integrated Solar Panels to collect energy from the Sun and Convert it into usable electricity. A System installed on a grid-connected building can supply a portion of the power needed to run the Site. During the day electricity generated by the Solar Power System is fed into the building, offsetting the amount of power being drawn from the grid. Any excess power is fed back to the power utility to be used by someone else resulting in a Power Credit


  • German latest design of our roof top grid tie and off grid system.
  • Eligible for 30% subsidy given by Government of India.
  • 100 watt to 1 kilowatt available for residential purpose.
  • 2kilowatt to 1megawatt available for industrial usage.
  • Get 80% depreciation benefit and save 30% in Income tax.
  • Highest solar panel supplier in   Australia.
  • 30  Years of Panel Performance Warranty
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