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Solar Rooftop Systems by Mysun

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While Delhi has always been at the forefront in solar policy making with solar net-metering having been notified as far back as September 2014, on June 6th, 2016, the current government of Delhi lead by Mr Arvind Kejriwal has further buttressed the Delhi Solar Policy and has sold everyone the dream of a rooftop decorated with a solar system that would allow them to harness the immense power of sun to generate electricity. The announcement of the solar policy of Delhi 2016 aims to make Delhi a ‘Solar City’ with a target that by the year 2025, the state would be able to produce about 2GW of solar energy. This equates to solar contributing to more than 6.5% of electricity produced within the state. As of September 2016, Delhi claimed to have 35 MW of rooftop capacity installed, and if the target of another 1945 MW is to be achieved in the next 9 years or so, a large percentage of the 30 lakh residential and 12 lakh commercial, industrial and other consumers that are in Delhi must come together for the cause of going solar.

The government has played its role by publishing the roadmap and a few convenience lead announcements such as those listed below, but the ultimate decision to go solar lies in your hand:


  • Today, Delhi Residents can go solar through various options such as Net Metering (Including individual, virtual and group) and Generation Based Incentives
  • Net metering is available for systems above 1kWp but less than 1MWp, subject to conditions such as your sanctioned load, the capacity of your local distribution transformer. The electricity generated into the grid will be paid at rates as determined by DERC.
  • A Generation Based Incentive (GBI) of Rs 2 per unit is also being offered for three years, which may be further increased depending on the interest and popularity of the project and scheme. The funds for the same will come from the Green Fund that has been set to promote solar energy. This GBI will be available only for those who cross the threshold of producing 1100 solar energy units (kWh)/ annum/ kWp.
  • The government has also announced group and virtual net metering offerings for residents in Delhi.
  • Both the models of rooftop solar PV usage will be made available: self-owned net metering (CAPEX model) as well as the third party owned PV net metering (RESCO model).
  • It is also mandatory for all existing and upcoming government buildings, aided hospitals or schools or educational institutes like colleges to host solar plants especially if they have a rooftop area of 500 m2 and more.
  • The Delhi government has announced that the height of the structure installed to carry the solar system will not be counted as an extra towards the permitted height of the building unless the building is located near the airports.
  • There will be absolutely no need to take permission from municipal corporations or development authorities such as DDA to put up solar panels.
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