Solar Rooftop Systems by ONP Solar

Solar Rooftop Systems by ONP Solar

ONP Solar
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ONP offers GridTie solar systems based on advanced technology for maximum yield. Our design team brings in years of experience in sizing a GridTie system for maximum user benefits based on best product and optimal price. GridTie systems basically consist of following products.

  1. GridTie solar inverter
  2. Solar PV modules
  3. Cables & connectors
  4. Earthing & lightning arresters
  5. Energy meters & monitoring units

GridTie system capacity can range from 2KW to 500KW and above based on client requirement. GridTie solar system can power almost all the possible equipment in a office, factory, hotels or hospitals etc.. Since GridTie systems don’t consist of batteries & moving part this product will have least of maintenance. Please refer to our detailed presentation on GridTie

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