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Solar energy is a pure form of energy that is harvested and converted to electricity with the help of photovoltaic cells present in the panel. The electricity generated by solar panels is direct current of low voltage. But most of our homes and office need alternating current for running of appliances, gadgets, and equipment. And this where inverters come into place, inverters convert generated direct current into useable alternating current.

Working Of An Inverter

Inverters are a vital component of a solar power system. Generally, inverters are of two types namely string inverter and micro inverter system. Under string inverter, solar panels are connected in a series, here a single inverter receives the DC power and converts it into AC power. On the underhand, in micro inverters, each solar panel has its own mini inverter attached to the back of it. The DC power generated by panels is converted into AC and set directly to switch boards.

Based on the storage of power and its connecting to the grid, an inverter is further divided into on- grid inverter, off-grid inverter, and hybrid inverter.  Off-grid solar inverter India is highly used in village areas.

What Is Off-Grid Inverter?

The solar panels generate electricity from the sun’s energy. However, to continue solar power supply at night times and during power outages, it is necessary to store the excess or leftover solar- power. The power is either stored in batteries or electrical grid.

Off-grid inverters are not connected to the electrical grid, they are independently functioning solar power system. Since this system is not connected to the electrical grid they require batteries to store the excess electricity. Off-grid inverters are also known as a stand-alone inverter.

A solar off-grid inverter is designed to stand alone with battery backup. The inverter draws the direct current from batteries connected to it. These batteries are charged by PV arrays of a solar panel. An off-grid inverter converts the drawn DC power into AC power that we consume.

Solar off-grid inverters are best suited for the village and rural areas where grid facility is not available or far away. Off-grid inverters are available in various sizes, buy an inverter that suits your application. Pure sine inverter produces the best output that suits solar home needs.

Why Does Solar Off-Grid Inverter Require Batteries?

Since off-grid solar power inverters are not connected to electrical grids, batteries are a vital component. Solar panel output entirely depends on climate condition, changes in weather results in lower output. Especially during night times, there is zero output from solar panels. In such cases, the power stored in batteries is used. Deep cycle batteries should be used for easy charging and discharging of power and for higher efficiency.

In addition to the inverters, off-grid power system includes cables, solar panels, controller and other accessories. Best Off-grid solar inverter and power system are highly suitable for rural areas where power cuts are high and also the electrical grid may not be easily accessible.

Off-Grid Inverter Price In India

Demand for an off-grid inverter is met by a large number of reputed manufacturers in India. Stand-alone inverters are available in various sizes and the off-grid solar inverter price in India depends on model and unit capacity. A solar inverter off grid 3000 w costs approximately around 6,000/ unit.

Luminous, Green Enfros and Sukam are few companies that are leading in the field of manufacturing solar products.  Solar products are not limited to inverters it includes products like solar fans, solar ups, solar cooker, and solar lantern. When purchasing any solar product it is necessary to check whether the company is certified. Always ensure buying solar products that are made and manufactured based on the industrial guideline for safe use.

Based on the model, make and company the price of an inverter is fixed. Off-grid solar inverters come in different capacities; the common types include 5kw, 1kw.  Off-grid inverters can be bought online, but read the feature and specification thoroughly before buying one. When buying an off-grid solar inverter 1000 w look for features like optimum performance, service life and quality tested. Solar stand-alone inverters price lies  between 3000 to 15000.

Off-Grid  Solar Inverter Price List

Type Of Off-Grid Inverter Price
Off Grid Inverter Rs 65/ Watt
 microtek/Glowpower/power one Solar Off Grid Inverter Rs 20,000/ Unit(s)
 Atom Axpert V Series Off Grid Inverter Rs 21,000/ Piece
 Single Phase Solar Off Grid Inverter Rs 35,000/ Unit
 500-1000 W Solar Off Grid Inverter, Input DC Voltage: 1000 V Rs 60,000/ Piece
 100watt Solar Off Grid Inverter, For Home Rs 6,000/ Piece