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Today lifestyle is such that most of the appliances in our home run on electricity. Use of diesel and traditional electricity increases our carbon footprint and is harmful to the environment. Power outages are something you cannot control, powers cuts lead to uncomfortable living and reduction in productivity especially at a workplace.

UPS or uninterrupted power supply is the latest technology in the field of a solar power system. UPS acts as a power back up and continues to supply the electricity in case of power cuts. So now the question arises what is solar UPS system for home and why you need it.

What is a solar UPS?

Solar UPS is a type of system that supplies power during a outage. The PV cells of a solar panel generate electricity that is used to charge the battery with the help of a controller. The electricity so generated is converted by solar UPS inverters from DC to AC. Solar panels harvest energy during day time, after consuming required amount, the remaining energy needs to be stored for later use. This energy can be stored in batteries or in electric grids. 

But the question arises what happens to the solar-powered house during the night time or power outrage. In such a situation the excess amount of stored electricity is used to supply uninterrupted power. A solar UPS system consists of solar panel and power pack kits. The supply of power by a UPS is automatic and an efficient way of the utilization of excess energy.

In simple terms, a solar UPS for home is a backup generator that harvests and store energy from sunlight to power your homes and office during power cuts. Since a solar UPS generates energy by using the sun, it can be called as green energy. Solar UPS generates a huge amount of alternating current without using fuels of a kind or making noise.

Why install a solar UPS?

As a responsible person on this earth, it is our duty to use products that are least harmful to the environment. Solar UPS price may be high but it is one such product that is green in nature and also apt for today’s lifestyle. The consumption of electricity has been increased greatly in recent times; globalization and many other factors have contributed to this.

This has led to innovation and use of the alternate source to fulfill energy requirement. Solar energy being free and available everywhere is the main reason for using it. Solar power can be used to generate electricity that helps in running home appliances and office equipment like computers, printers, telephones, etc. If this is the case, then how to keep our systems running during power cuts.

Solar UPS is the ultimate solution for uninterrupted usage of electricity even during blackouts. Solar UPS is a medium through which electricity is supplied during power cuts. Batteries included in a solar power system store the energy and UPS supplies this energy. All kinds of disastrous that result during power cuts can easily be avoided by installing solar UPS inverters in India.

Benefits of using the solar UPS system

1.    Environment-friendly: a traditional power backup uses fuels to supply electricity, which is harmful to the environment. But solar panel UPS inverters supplies electricity generated from the sun, which is a pure form of energy. The electricity generated by the solar power panel is nature – friendly. Solar generators do not produce radiation, heat any carbon dioxide gases. Further solar UPS works silently without making sound pollution. Hence is the safest option to supply electricity during emergencies and power cuts.

2.    High efficient: It is true that sunlight is available throughout the day, but during winter sunlight is available for a shorter duration. In such cases having an efficient solar UPS system makes it possible to convert sunlight into useable AC current, to be stored in a short time frame. Having an efficient solar UPS system for home ensures continues electricity supply without any interruption or clamping.

3.    Easy Installation: Solar home UPS inverters come with a few parts and are very easy to install. Homeowners or people using solar UPS need not require technical skills to set it up. Solar UPS usually come with a manual book, which includes step by step instructions to install a UPS.

4.    Electrical Safety:  best Solar UPS includes high-grade insulation material that mainly prevents shocks and short circuits. However, it is very important to place a solar UPS away from places that are prone to fire accidents to prevent unnecessary damage.

Solar UPS Price List in India

Types of Solar UPS Price
Three Phase Solar UPS Rs 29,500/ Kilowatt
Solar UPS 220 - 240V Rs 10,225/ Piece
Static Solar Ups Rs 15,000/ Piece
Solar UPS Usage: Home Rs 2,800/ Piece
Single Brainy Eco Solar UPS Rs 6,600/ Piece
Solar UPS, 6 -15 KVA Rs 50,000/ Unit

Solar UPS inverter price entirely depends on the amount of electricity you need to be generated. It is true that solar power system requires an initial investment but the features and advantages they offer is worth the money. The solar UPS rates depend on the manufacture and quality, on average a luminous solar ups inverter cost around 6000 for 220-volt output.