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The solar lighting system is a type of light that runs on the electricity derived from the sun. Solar lights are commonly known as solar lamps or lanterns. These lightings are composed of led lamp, solar panels, controller, battery and an inverter.

Solar lights have gained popularity in recent times and are replacing traditional lights. They are a perfect solution for sustainable living with the use of renewable energy. Using solar lights has helped many households and business to bring down electricity bill payments.

How Does a Solar Light Work?

The working of solar light is based on the photovoltaic effect.  Solar lights need electricity to function and this electricity is harvested from the sun through solar panels. Hence solar panels are known as building blocks of a solar power system.

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells, the most visible part of a solar lighting system. The cells are made up of semiconductor material like crystalline silicon and chemicals. They create layers of negatively charged electrons and positively charged spaces. Once the sunlight passes through the cells, they give up their energy to the atoms present in the silicon. This helps in the production of electricity that is stored in the batteries until needed.

Battery saves the energy derived from solar panels and provides the required power for light to function in night times when there is no sun. This means solar panel lighting system harvest energy during daylight and uses the energy so harvested as evening arrives.

Different Types of Solar Lights

Solar lights are bright and can be used in gardens, streets, pathways, parks or anywhere as needed. When you start researching for solar power lighting system you can find them in a number of options. Few types of solar lights that are commonly used are as follows:

1.    LED lights: the most popular and significant innovation in a solar lighting system is LED lights. LED lights consume less amount of energy than HID lights. They provide whiter lights that offer clear visibility in the dark. LED solar lights are the best solar lighting system that is available in the market.

2.    Lantern shaped solar lights: This type of lights is sometimes used for décor purpose. They are available in a range of color and can be spotted in parks.  Solar lamp shaped lights are affordable, easy to install and elegant.

3.    Lamppost: Yet another type of solar lighting that is commonly used is solar lamp post. They look and feel like a traditional lamp post found in a yard.  They keep your yard bright without increasing your electric bill.

4.    Submersible solar lights:  a type of solar light that is used to light up a pond or a swimming pool in your household. You can easily illuminate your ponds and pools in the light with the help of submersible mini solar lighting system.

5.    Portable solar lights: solar light manufacturers have thought of every scenario and have come up with a portable solar lighting system. This type of solar lights is best for camping or for emergency purposes. They are compact enough to fit in your bags and at the same time bright enough to light your campsite.

What are the Advantages of using solar lights?

1.    Green energy

Solar lights derive their energy for sunlight which is green and a pure form of energy. Sun is a renewable source of energy leaving zero carbon footprints on the environment.

2.    Economical in terms of cost:

Solar lighting system price may sound expensive in the beginning. But once you install a solar panel, it continues to produce electricity as long as the sun is available. The maintenance cost of these panels is every less. Further, using solar lights helps you save money by reducing the electricity bill.

3.    Easy installation:

Solar panels are needed to harvest solar energy to produce electricity, and installing of these panels is simple and easy. It can be fixed on your roof or anywhere with the help of few nuts and bolts. A solar uses lower voltage direct current. The 12-volt solar lighting system is a safe option for a household.

4.    Battery backup:

 Most solar power systems today come with battery backups that store extra energy. The energy so stored can be used on cloudy days when there is little or no sunlight. In this way you never run out of energy to light up your space.

Tips for buying a solar Light

Things you need to consider to buy solar lighting system are as follows:

1.    The life of a battery and a bulb are important for working of light. Consider these features before buying a solar light. Further, the time taken by a battery to charge matters as during winters sunlight is available only for a short duration.

2.    In addition to this consider the material it is made of to ensure durability.

Solar Lighting System Price List

Types of Solar Lighting System Price
LED Solar Lighting Systems Rs 6,000/ Piece
Residential Solar Lighting System Rs 2,800/ Piece
Solar Lighting System Rs 4,000/ Piece
Solar Home Lighting Systems Rs 15,000/ Piece
Solar DC Home Lighting System Rs 4,500/ Piece
LED Solar Lighting System, Power: 40 Watt Rs 10,000/ Piece