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Solar Street Lights by Bharat Solar System

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Solar Street Lights by RayKonnect

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Solar Street Lights by Nano Solars India

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Solar Street Lights by Kathiravan Solar Power Solutions

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Solar Street Lights by Kamal Solar

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McCoy Mart

Solar Street Light by Vam Solar

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Solar Street Lights by GeoPower India Pvt Ltd

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Solar Street Lights by Suntek Solar

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Solar LED Street Lights by Euro Premium Solar

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Solar Street Lights by Hanwha

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Solar Street Lights by Ignite Electonics

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Solar Street Lights by Oorja Solar

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Solar Street Lights by Jakson Limited

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Solar Street light by Verma Trading Co.

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Solar Street Lights by Canadian Solar

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Solar Street Lights by Marvel Green Energy Limited

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Solar Street Lighting Systems by KotakSolar

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Delhi, Delhi

In the streets, lighting is one of the essential features to make it safe for everyone during the night time. As you know, there is a big requirement of electricity because of so many lights on any street. As the best solution, solar power is used at the present time because of its lots of benefits as compared to the limited electricity and power sources. With the use of solar street light, it is possible to provide the perfect lighting solution without any requirement of electricity connection.

Use and working of solar street lights

First of all, it will be better to understand the working of solar pole lights for the streets to know about its benefits. There is no requirement of long wiring to provide electricity to the street lights like the old times. On every pole, there will be the installation of light, battery and solar panel on the top. With the help of solar panel, the battery will be charged during the daytime and it will provide electricity to the solar powered street lights during the night time as the perfect way.

At the present time, the Solar street lighting system is available with very simple and easy mechanism but it is very effective to provide unlimited energy to the lights at the streets. These systems are used around the world because of its excellent benefits of the unlimited power source and it will be an amazing way to get rid of the headache of electricity alternative for the street lights. Here are some of the excellent benefits of using these solar pole lights for the streets as compared to the traditional lights.

Beneficial for unlimited electricity

As compared to the Limited sources of electricity, that is very important to used unlimited electricity source that is available as solar panel street lights at the present time. As you know, son is able to give unlimited energy for our planet and it will never end so it can be used to create powerful electricity for the street lights for thousands of years.

No need of electricity wiring

With the use of solar powered LED street lights, there is no need of long wiring for the supply of electricity for the lights on the streets. It is possible to use these systems without any wires because of the availability of the complete equipment at one place. On every individual pole, there will be solar plate, battery and light so it will work without any requirement of wires like the old times.

Save the electricity and money

Whether it is about using solar parking lot lights or street lights, it is possible to save lots of money because of no requirement of electricity supply for it. On your street or parking lot, you must be consuming lots of energy at the night time and you will need to pay a big amount of money to the electricity suppliers and companies. On the other hand, if you go for solar powered street lamp or lights, you can save the money in the perfect way for a long time with it.

Environment-friendly solution

At the present time, it is very important to focus on environment friendly solutions to save the planet for the next generations. To create electricity with traditional methods, we are risking our planet and environment and we have to find the perfect alternative for it. Now, it is possible to switch to the solar system so that we can generate electricity without compromising on our environment. It is considered as one of the perfect solutions to save the environment and our planet.

Due to all these benefits, it will be an excellent choice to find solar street lamp and lighting solutions Institute of traditional lighting systems. In the market, several manufacturers are available to provide these lighting systems to use in the streets. You just need to compare the street light price with some of the top manufacturers in the market. After that, you can go for these systems and can find a bunch of benefits and advantages. It is capable of providing unlimited electricity for a long time with one-time investment in these systems for the parking lots, streets and other places.

Solar Street Light Price List

Types of Solar street lights Price List


Solar Street Lamp

Rs 8,800/ Piece

Solar Parking Light

Rs 2,800/ Piece

Solar Street Light

Rs 1,300/ Piece

Solar Light Pole

Rs 2,900/ Piece

Solar Street Lighting System

Rs 7,500/ Piece

Solar LED Street Light

Rs 800/ Piece