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uPVC Window by Lingel

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Bhiwadi, Rajasthan


uPVC Window by Prominance

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Abiramam, Tamil Nadu


uPVC Windows by weatherseal.com

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Bangalore, Karnataka

uPVC Windows by Fenesta Building Systems

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Gurgaon, Haryana


uPVC Window by Koemmerling

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uPVC Top Hung Window by AIS Windows

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Faridabad, Haryana


uPVC Glass to Glass Window by AIS Windows

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uPVC Side Hung Window by AIS Windows

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uPVC Twin Sash Window by AIS Windows

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uPVC Window by Shiva Steel Industries

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uPVC Windows by Plasopan Engineers

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uPVC Window by Windoorz Inc

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uPVC Windows by Shankar Fenestration

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uPVC Mesh Window by Windoorz Inc

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uPVC Top Hung Window by Windoorz Inc

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uPVC Window by Amazing Windows

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Faridabad, Haryana

uPVC Window by Usha Fenestra Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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uPVC Window by Advance Green Windows

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uPVC Window by Concept Design

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uPVC Window by Dhanush Building Systems

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uPVC Window by Hitech Window Solution

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uPVC Window by Shree Windows

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Choose From The Best Range of  uPVC Windows Available Online at McCoy Mart

Gone are the days when the purpose of windows was just to let in. Nowadays, from kitchen hobs to casements, we want everything to be modern and energy-efficient, and the UPVC Windows are one of their kind. Besides being a durable and affordable option to go for, they come in a variety of designs. They were wondering what makes them so popular? Well, it's their components mixed with polyvinyl chloride that makes them stand apart from the other types. However, they have earned fame in residential communities and stretched their branches to the commercial sectors. 

Let’s Look at the Various Types in This Segment  

  • French Type

These Colored UPVC Windows are the normal ones yet with a bit of French custom. These casements give the most significant opening and permit the breeze to enter your home. These are accessible in various tones according to the client's prerequisites. The assortment of glass accessible for the establishment of these openings adds additional appeal. Presently, the Coloured UPVC Windows Prices are quite affordable and will make your home sparkle with class in a French style. 

  • Casement Type

These are the Fitting uPVC Windows and require customization. They open outwards and inwards with the assistance of solidly appended pivots to the edges. The particular type is extraordinarily intended to get and coordinate the outside breeze inside the home. If you are searching for 100% Soundproof UPVC Windows, it should be your decision. The multi-locking highlights with covered glasses make them additionally safe. Make your home a touch more present-day, contemporary, and tasteful. 

  • Canopy Type

It may be hard to locate a correct fit for your kitchen, restrooms, and storerooms. They appear to be the most overlooked corner of your home. In any case, you can consider Weatherseal canopy openings. They assist the external air with streaming inside from these extraordinarily planned ones with pivots fixed at the base or top. Weatherseal is the pleased merchant of these particular openings across urban communities. 

  • Sliding Type

These UPVC Modern Windows are the well-suited decision if there should arise an occurrence of room crunch. These openings look like five-star lodgings. They likewise have multi-follow numerous locks. They have special glasses, which makes the structure extra excellent and stable. 

  • Fixed Type

The nature darlings out there will be happy to have these sorts of openings. The delicate, rich look which entrances you is from the super-thin insignificance of these openings. The UPVC Windows for Home are known for their drawn-out solidness, strength, heat protection, warm protection, and waterproofing.

  • Tilt and Turn Type

They come with the tilt and turn equipment fittings are among the unique items from Weatherseal, Bangalore. They work like enchantments for French-style openings for overhangs and verandas.

Features That Make This Product a Must Have for Your Home

  • Forestall Dust Development 

Every house in India is teeming with residues, which increases the endeavors of cleaning. The wind often accumulates dust from the buildings and streets, the vehicles, and periodic storms. These dust residues affect the wellbeing antagonistically, offering to ascend to persistent diseases like significant breathing problems and skin allergies. These particles usually make their way through the holes of old spaces and the hall entryways. However, changing to the weather seal ones can spot a sharp decrease in the curve.

  • Fire Safety

Over the years, the fire examinations and incidents have indicated that Weatherseal ones remain resistant to fire. They won't cause, backing or upgrade the advancement of incidental fire. Compared to the other types, the Weatherseal profiles don't uphold the fire and have been proven self-quenching.

  • Upkeep Free

Weatherseal entryways framework doesn't need overdoing the painting and providing backend support. They will neither decay nor bend nor won't erode, even when the atmosphere is intense and tropical or in seaside atmospheres. Support is a fast and simple clean and doesn't call for any more investments. 

  • Most Extreme Water Tightness

Weatherseal entryways are widely used in offices beside the seaside or pool and don't degrade slightly in any way. Climate snugness and its protection from moisture accumulation while driving is a principal resource of the particular type. 

Some of the Great Advantages of the Best UPVC Windows are:

  • UPVC casements offer smooth activity, establishment, and utilization 
  • The quality material utilized in these windows is dependable. 
  • They are warm and cold safe. These windows can likewise bear climatic changes. 
  • You won't confront issues of erosion or termites. 
  • UPVC openings are enormously solid and give extreme security 
  • The material is eco-accommodating 
  • There are plentiful plans and examples to browse 
  • UPVC openings are energy proficient and will save your power bills 
  • The rates are severe and financial plan benevolent when contrasted with steel, wooden and different materials. 
  • You can peruse a colossal load of these casements on the web and select the most effective plans for your property.

Some of the Top Manufacturers When it Comes to This Segment Include:

  • Lingel Windows & Doors Technologies Pvt Ltd

The German manufacturing company, with a solid background and rich experience, Lingel introduces a range of selections. From casements to doors, they offer exquisite designs and easy solutions. 

  • Weatherseal

Weatherseal offers environmentally safe and efficient solutions for your home. The cutting-edge technology and precision they follow, ensure sustainable inclusion in the household. 

  • Fenesta Building Systems

Fenesta Building Systems brings to you cutting edge household solutions to add the shelf life of casements and doors. Besides, they also come up with extraordinary designs to choose from. 

  • Prominance Window Systems

At Prominance Window Systems, we offer a range of solutions and a variety of sizes. They assure world-class quality along with assured warranty. 

  • Polywood

The manufacturer brings along undeniable products to you and has become a major part of the "Save Trees" campaign. From furnitures to doors and panels, they cater to every need of the individuals. 

Talking of the top manufacturers in this segment, it’s no doubt that you will think of the pricing before you lay your hands on one. When it comes to UPVC Windows Cost, it's on the affordable side compared to the other ones in the market. Considering there are various such out right now, the UPVC Windows Prices are not a pocket pinch. However, it would help if you always grabbed some discounts and deals out there and saved some more. 

You can find an array of UPVC Windows Online at McCoy Mart, and choose the ideal one suited for your space from there. There are several deals and coupons as well, which you can avail of on their website.

uPVC Windows Price List

Type of uPVC Window

Price Range

UPVC windows

300/sqft - 850/sqft

UPVC casement windows

300/sqft - 500/sqft

UPVC tilt and turn windows

500/sqft - 700/sqft

UPVC double hung windows

1000/sqft - 1200/sqft

UPVC louvered windows

800/sqft - 1000/sqft

UPVC Fixed windows

1000/sqft - 1500/sqft

UPVC sliding windows

350/sqft - 800/sqft

UPVC double glazed windows

1000/sqft - 1200sqft

UPVC folding and sliding windows

700-900 Rs

UPVC windows with grills

300/sqft - 700/sqft