Wooden Windows in Bengaluru

City: Bangalore

You may wonder why modern is used to refer to wooden windows. This is because wood has been the material that is being used for windows and doors of a building extensively. But, the interesting aspect is that the wooden window is one that would never go out of trend. That is why despite a number of alternative options available in the market, the wooden windows are chosen most often. This is because you cannot deny that the attractiveness and aesthetic appeal of the wooden windows. 

Wooden windows and why they are preferred?

When you are thinking of using Wooden Windows Bengaluru, for your construction projects or renovation projects, you can now access it at affordable prices. The reasons why it should be preferred over other alternative materials is because

  • You have different types of wooden windows that are now manufactured by the wooden window manufacturers in modern times.
  • There is a possibility to access large wooden windows to the small windows depending upon your requirements.
  • The wooden windows can be customized and it can be endowed with longevity with special paints that can prevent warping which is considered as a drawback that prevents the use of wooden windows.
  • There are no limitations in the number of wooden window design. Now you have designs that are developed in 3D by designers.
  • The white wooden windows can be considered as an evergreen window color that could enhance the aesthetic appeal of any building whether residential or commercial.

That is why the wooden windows are considered as an effective tool in the designer's hands to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Buying wooden windows

Just as how the practice of designing and making wooden windows have changed from the earlier times, you would be surprised to note that the ways in which you can access the wooden windows or buy wooden windows have also changed considerably. You can buy wooden windows online. The process of buying windows online has also made it possible to access cheap wooden windows at economical prices. It has also opened up the scope to trade wooden windows that are in good condition and recovered from old buildings.  you will be able to compare the cost of wooden windows successfully on the net.

Why the wooden windows are worth the cost?

The cost of wooden windows is quite economical in modern times when compared to that in the olden days owing to the use of machinery and the computerized 3D designing process employed. You also benefit from economies of scale, because nowadays the wooden windows are also made in standard sizes in large numbers. Despite these factors, the wooden windows might be slightly expensive than windows made using alternative methods that are considered to be easy to maintain and budget friendly. But, when you compare costs, it has to be done in tandem with the expected life, durability, recyclable nature of the product etc. the wooden windows are worth the cost owing to factors such as

  • Durability- The wooden windows are adaptable to the hot and cold climate or in rain or shine. They do not expand or contract and are excellent insulation material which helps you save energy costs need to run the hvac system.
  • Insulation- The wooden windows are 400x times more insulating than the steel windows and 1800 times more insulating than windows of vinyl.
  • maintenance- In the maintenance point of view, the steel and vinyl windows are better than wooden windows. But, the aesthetic appeal makes wooden windows preferable over the others.

Apart from all the other factors, timelessness is another factor that makes wooden windows a favorite option.

Wooden Windows Bangalore Price List 

Types of Wooden Windows Price
Designer Wooden Windows Rs 775/sqft
Designer Wooden Window Rs 350/Square Feet
Modern Wooden Window Rs 1,500/Square Feet
Designer Wooden Window Rs 3,000/onwards
Teak Wood Window Rs 1,250/Square Feet
Brown Sal Wood Window Rs 250/Square Feet
Brown Wooden Mesh Window, Size: 5 Feet X 3 Feet Rs 130/Square Feet
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