Wooden Windows Hyderabad

There are indeed contemporary materials like vinyl, aluminum etc that can be used for windows. They are easy to install, customize and cost less compared to the wooden windows. Despite these factors, you would notice that a major portion of the people is inclined to have wooden windows installed in their own buildings despite it being time-consuming and expensive.

Why Wooden windows are preferred?

Windows are important for ringing in fresh air and sunlight into your living spaces. While this is the function that is expected of a window, you would wonder as to the reason for the increased preference for wooden windows in hyderabad. The answer to it is simple. The windows, especially those that overlook the road has an important role to play in defining the style of the building. It is one that defines the building traditional, modern etc.

Types of windows

When it comes to wooden house windows design, there are a number of choices. It includes

Double-hung windows – They are also referred to as wooden sash windows. The important feature of this window is that it can slide vertically or sidewards. These windows are generally devoid of protrusions in the interiors as well as the exteriors of the hose and remain fixed to the frame.  

Casement windows- These are hinged windows that are operated using the crank they open outward and are hinged either in the left or right depending on the requirement. They are usually large wooden windows.

Awning windows-  This refers to the windows that are hinged in the top portion. They can be designed to open outward from the bottom and would let in air from all directions.

Picture window -These are a variation of the wooden French windows. The picture windows perform the function of letting in maximum light from the outdoors and view of the outdoors like the French windows. But, they are stationary. Generally, it would be easy for you to find white wooden windows that are ready to install on the

Transom window- This refers to stationary or operating windows serving the purpose of letting in enough light and is mounted above a door or window.

Bay or bow windows-  The bay window refers to a series of windows that usually has a single stationary window in the center and the other windows that are either casement windows or sash windows that flank it. however, unlike the traditional wooden windows, the bay windows actually protrude out from the exterior.

Buying wooden windows

You can buy wooden windows online. There are a number of suppliers of wooden windows who sell quality wooden house window. You will be able to compare the cost of wooden windows and buy from the seller who offers cheap wooden windows.  Generally, it would be easy for you to find white wooden windows that are ready to install on the net. But, the wooden sash window cost should not be the guiding factor for choosing the suppliers. The wooden window pricelist, as well as the experience of the supplier, is important to ensure that the sash window installation is perfect. 

Wooden Windows Hyderabad Price List

Wooden Windows Types Price
Brown Stylish Wooden Window Rs 220/ Square Feet
Plain Wooden Window Rs 255/ Square Feet
White Wooden Window Rs 650/ Square Feet
French Wooden Window Rs 590/ Square Feet
Rectangular Wooden Window Rs 315/ Square Feet
Wooden Window Rs 520/ Square Feet
Neem Wood Window Rs 90/ Square Feet